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Thu Mar 5 10:35:53 UTC 2015

Quoting Petr Hracek (2015-03-04 12:32:34)
> FROM fedora:21
> RUN yum install httpd -y
> CMD ["ps -ef | grep http"]

I don't think this will start httpd process (unless you are using
systemd-container inside and httpd is somehow enabled after installation — which
you would have to do by yourself anyway)

> sudo docker build -t phracek/fedora21-http

Put yourself in docker group, why would you run docker client as root?

> 1) [Tab How to install docker on Fedora]
> How to Install on Fedora 21:
> - install docker-io fedora-dockerfiles  #fedora-dockerfile contains a 
> really good examples. Needs to be updated
> - sudo systemctl start docker
> - sudo docker run -i -t fedora /bin/bash
>      for test whether docker is running.

'docker version' could be a better example, since it won't create a container (I
would be really scared by the new prompt)


docker run --rm -ti fedora /bin/bash

> - adding to group docker
> I think that package fedora-dockerfiles is more or less needed. There 
> are most information and useful Dockerfiles.

I like this section! Especially fedora-dockerfiles part: example dockerfiles
right away

> 2) [Docker useful commands]
> Some useful commands like in Fedora.
> - building docker image
> - starting docker image
> - deleting docker image (docker rmi ..)

If you are still talking about beginners, they don't know what an image is and
why they want to create their own images. I know that we were talking about
making the page for more experienced users, hence my question: will this webpage
be for beginners or powerusers?

> - link to empty or dummy Dockerfile like from [1]
> - may be example Dockerfile would be also good.

Number two could be some sample django application with browser output.

> Some command are already mentioned here [2].
> 3) [Links to documentation]
> Some links to page would be welcome???? This is under 
> discussion and of course
> we don't want to duplicate pages.
> 4) [Fedora docker WEB UI interface]
> WEB UI interface for creating Dockerfiles
> How can it look like?
> - Tab for creating Dockerfile
>       - It can contain important directives like EXPOSE, RUN, ADD etc. 
> and Popup window discovers where user can write
>       - Immediately your see how docker file look like.
>       - Tool can merge repeated commands like yum on several lines 
> (sorted them)
> - Tab for validation users dockerfiles
> - Tab for building images and container execution. User could be able to 
> run ssh window with container.

This is a really big task. Being a terminal freak, it wouldn't be very useful
for me (I would actually prefer dockerfile syntax coloring with syntax checker
in vim). But for beginners this could be _very_ helpful. Great idea Peto!

> That's all. Currently now I know how to build/run docker files and what 
> could help beginners on Fedora:)
> I missed some useful commands on the one page.
> Let's continue with new challenges. I think that the web UI is more or 
> less important for propagation Fedora as
> distro for docker.
> [1]
> [2]
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