developer page on installing go, .profile doesn't get sourced

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Thu Nov 5 12:07:08 UTC 2015

Quoting Eduardo Silva (2015-11-03 02:32:11)
> First of all I have to say I'm not a developer, but with the sexyness 
> of I might just become than just an 
> enthusiast for Fedora.
> While looking at the site, I decided to check out 'go' since I've heard 
> a lot of good about it. At the end of the installation instructions 
> is said to add a environment variable to ~/.profile. But when I open a 
> new gnome terminal .profile isn't sourced...
> Is this a bug in the instructions, or my system?
> Thank you, and congrats again on the new portal
> Eduardo
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You are indeed right. I tried zsh and bash and neither of those sources
`~/.profile`. Looks like we should update our guide.

Can you please create an upstream issue at

Just for the record, easiest solution to the problem will be probably to put the
environment variable to `~/.bashrc` (or `~/.zshrc`) -- depends what shell you are

Thank you for your interest in portal!
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