EPEL fail2ban doesn't work on CentOS 5 after upgrading

Bussi Andrea bussi at mfn.unipmn.it
Mon Aug 18 09:40:42 UTC 2014

The last upgrade of EPEL package fail2ban misbehaves on CentOS 5,
as it contains a syntax which is still unsupported on Python 2.4.

When trying to start fail2ban, you will get errors like these:
   ERROR  NOK: ('invalid syntax', 
('/usr/share/fail2ban/server/filterpyinotify.py', 214, 21, '\t\texcept 
Exception as e:\n'))
   ERROR  NOK: ('ssh-iptables',)

A proposed fix is attached.

Best regards,
                                           Bussi Andrea
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