EPEL Notes from .next discussion.

Jeff Sheltren jeff at tag1consulting.com
Mon Aug 18 13:49:09 UTC 2014

On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 11:04 PM, Michael Stahnke <stahnma at puppetlabs.com>

> ><snip lots of stuff>
> Smooge thanks for the write-up.
> Great points are being brought up by all parties here.
> I think I'm +1 on a second repo that moves faster and can be incompatible
> with the right type of announce-list. (maybe even put the uri for that list
> in the .repo file or something). It also might be acceptable to allow
> builds against SCL, or bundle libs if we want real speed and end-user
> convenience. Obviously there's more than a little hand-waving there, so
> don't consider that anything more than a spitball idea.
> I like the idea of pairing with the CentOS folks for that, but I don't
> really know where to start there. This ecosystem has lots of information if
> you know exactly where to look. Otherwise, navigating it can be tricky.
> As for EPEL meetings, if we could have them again, I'd really try to be a
> part of it. Timing is crazy for a world-wide crew like this one.
> I'm completely -1 on /opt/blah for EPEL.

Thanks Michael for saving me writing an email -- I'm +1 on everything you
said here.

Regarding working with CentOS -- I know Jim's watching this list closely
and seems he plans to be at the proposed meeting this week, so it should be
easy to get some dialogue going.

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