EPEL denyhosts in epel7

Brice Burgess nesta at iceburg.net
Thu Aug 21 15:20:42 UTC 2014

Will denyhosts be added to epel7 or is the plan to centralize on 
fail2ban (which is already in epel7)? In the past I've relied on 
denyhbosts for securing against brute force ssh login attempts &c -- and 
its part of my OS boot strapping process.

The fail2ban community seems slightly more active with more "modules" 
for sniffing out specific attacks against commodity software like 
wordpress by examining webserver logs &c... although I really like the 
ability to participate in a centralized RBL-like database that denyhosts 

If I can help maintain denyhosts I'm happy to do so. Ticket was opened;



~ Brice

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