EPEL libmodplug unretirement [was: Re: Orphaned packages with vulnerabilities]

Karel Volný kvolny at redhat.com
Mon Aug 25 12:51:42 UTC 2014


>> I'm completely unfamiliar with the sources; probably I'd be able to 
>> it somehow in the end, but for a price of a lot of time that 
>> I'd need to use ...
> Yes, a simple rebase will help here and is IMHO applicable here, since
> it is the lesser evil.

ok, I've tried to just bump the version and it seems to work, so I've filed 
new SCM admin request (bug #1133548, as I couldn't find the original 

what's next, suppose I have to wait until it is processed, then clone the 
repo and proceed with the update as usual, then step 6. "Request that 
Release Engineering team unblock the package for the current release, via 
their trac instance" ...?

> It is not necessarily necessary to rebuild the
> dependent packages, if libmodplug did not change too much.

the so version did not change, so let's hope for the best

I mean EL6 ... still not sure what about EL5 ...


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