EPEL EpSCO Email Meeting:

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 22:08:34 UTC 2014

So in todays (2014-08-29) meeting, we wanted to move the various policy
discussions to email so that people could take their time to reply and also
to allow for people who could not attend time to respond.

Going from the web-page
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL-faster-repo-ideas the following items
are listed (with additions I added while writing this email.)

I would like to start with the EpSCO governance to just get that out of the
way and then move to current rules as we see them. I can act as secretary
to make sure that changes discussed here are put in place on the wiki or
other places.

Policy questions

   - EpSCO governance.
      - Lifetime of initial committee (9 months?)
      - Replacement of any exiting members (replacement by formal vote,
      - Size of committee (4 members? 5 members?)
      - Meeting rules (follow

   - How many repos? (examples below)
      - epel,
         - epel-test
      - epel-rolling
         - epel-rolling-test ?
      - epel-edge ?
         - epel-edge-test ?

   - What would faster moving mean?

   - Would packages in this be able to conflict with epel packages? Base

   - When would incompatible changes be allowed in each branch?

   - Different guidelines for specs/packages per branch?

   - When would a package be expired or removed?

   - What are the rules for EPEL packages currently?

   - Currently packages require of 2 weeks in EPEL-testing before promotion
   to EPEL.
      - Can this be changed to 1 week?
      - What Constant Integration would be needed to give auto-karma?

   - How to integrate packages shepherded by CentOS (or other SIGS) which
   may conflict with EPEL packages?

Stephen J Smoogen.
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