[EPEL-devel] EPEL Steering Committee 2015-07-17

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 17:53:14 UTC 2015

17:00:07 <smooge> #startmeeting EPEL
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17:00:11 <smooge> #meetingname epel
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17:00:22 <nirik> morning
17:00:22 <smooge> #topic Meat and Greets
17:00:46 <smooge> Hello I am Stephen Smoogen and I am your majordomo
for today. Please say hi and hello.
17:00:54 <smooge> We will do a roll call to see if we have quorum
17:00:54 * nirik needs coffee... back in a min. ;)
17:01:04 <nirik> hello and hi smooge. :)
17:01:07 <Evolution> hi and hello
17:01:22 <smooge> bstinson, are you available?
17:01:29 <smooge> dgilmore, are you available?
17:01:36 <smooge> avij, are you available?
17:01:53 <bstinson> o/
17:01:56 <smooge> My apologies for not sending out an email about the
meeting this week.
17:02:31 <smooge> We have minimal quorum. I don't have an agenda so we
will just go over a couple of points.
17:02:36 <smooge> #topic Minimal agenda
17:02:59 <smooge> #info Other architectures for EPEL
17:03:32 <smooge> #info Python34 is in EPEL7
17:04:08 <smooge> #info Open Floo(d)r
17:04:32 <smooge> #topic Other Architectures for EPEL
17:04:52 * nirik is back from the coffee machine
17:04:58 <smooge> #info s390 request for builds in EPEL.
17:05:08 <smooge> #info i386 via CentOS i386
17:05:27 <smooge> #info ppc64le/arm64
17:06:07 <smooge> The s390 item I believe will have to be discussed
better at FLOCK?
17:06:51 <smooge> Evolution, bstinson what is the status of CentOS
i386 for EL-7?
17:07:15 <Evolution> smooge: it's built and in beta for feedback. it
will likely be gold soon
17:07:30 <Evolution> barring a blocker bug, it'll be gold shortly
17:09:07 <smooge> ok cool
17:09:26 <smooge> I guess at that point we would look at how we are
going to import and build against it.
17:10:24 <Evolution> from reading the notes of the last minutes, that
might be tricky
17:12:18 * nirik nods
17:12:30 <Evolution> smooge: there was something about koji-shadow not
being an option iirc
17:12:35 <Evolution> or am I mis-remembering.
17:12:55 <Evolution> some of this can hopefully be addressed at flock
when folks (lookin at you bstinson!) are face to face.
17:13:27 <smooge> I don't know myself. That is definately a
releng/koji developers in a cage match thing
17:13:46 <smooge> I just sit outside and wait for the match to be over
17:13:48 <nirik> I don't think koji-shadow will work, but I don't
recall the specific reason why. ;)
17:14:24 <Evolution> aarch64 will also be up on that list.
17:14:32 <Evolution> we'll be coming out of beta with it quite soon
17:15:13 <smooge> nirik, is there a non-koji shadow?
17:15:17 <Evolution> the testing is done, and essentially it's just
the signing/distribution mechanics to be fiddled with.
17:15:26 <nirik> yeah, and there's at least some interest in s390 and ppc64le
17:15:29 <smooge> I mean koji-public
17:15:54 <smooge> cool
17:16:00 <nirik> smooge: not sure what you mean... we could run
seperate kojis for things, but then the trick is keeping them all in
17:16:29 <nirik> oh yeah, thats it. koji-shadow doesn't work with
external repos (which we use in epel)
17:16:36 <smooge> nirik, so I thought koji-shadow was basically the
mechanism to allow for the RHEL bits to be seen by koji but not the
rest of the world
17:16:41 <nirik> no
17:16:45 <smooge> ah ok
17:16:51 <smooge> so never mind what I was saying
17:16:53 <nirik> koji-shadow is a set of scripts secondary arches run.
17:17:05 <nirik> it watches the primary builds and tries to do them the same way
17:17:20 <nirik> same versions/buildroot, etc
17:17:40 <nirik> but with epel, all the rhel stuff is in external
repos, so it could not tell when a rhel thing changed.
17:17:59 <nirik> we could switch x86_64/ppc64 over to just using centos... ;)
17:18:12 <nirik> but some people might not like that
17:18:41 <bstinson> another win would be some sort of thing that
watches external repos (we need to work on something like that on the
CentOS side anyways)
17:18:53 <bstinson> but that's not a short-term solution
17:18:57 <nirik> yeah
17:20:27 <nirik> so, put on those thinking caps and perhaps we will
come up with some plan. ;)
17:22:12 <smooge> nirik, so what makes a repository external versus
internal to a koji-shadow
17:22:17 <Evolution> see, this is why I like bstinson....
17:22:26 <Evolution> he just keeps signing himself up for more work
17:22:35 <bstinson> heh, you have no idea...
17:22:40 <nirik> smooge: external repos are listed in koji as just
17:22:41 <bstinson> some day i'll learn
17:22:45 <smooge> Evolution, I actually heard him say "Evolution
can... " when he said that
17:22:51 <nirik> internal repos are ones it builds itself out of local packages.
17:23:34 <smooge> ah ok so the koji would need to be able to build all
of "CentOS i386 7" for it to work.. or am I jumping to the wrong
conclusion too
17:23:44 <nirik> so if foo was rebuilt for say epel7, koji knows it
needs to make a new repo with that package in it... but with external
it just loads those when doing builds, it has no way to know or care
whats in them
17:25:22 <nirik> well, the issue with arches is that koji doesn't know
how to get different stuff from different places.
17:25:42 <Evolution> in the case of x86, there would be collisions as well.
17:25:56 <nirik> if 'foo' is in rhel x86_64, and centos i386 and
wherever s390, it can't get the right foo from all of those, it has to
have 1 place it knows foo
17:26:37 <nirik> koji wasn't really setup with this case in mind. ;)
17:27:23 <Evolution> the 'rebuild' usecase is a bit of a snowflake for
a variety of reasons...
17:27:59 <nirik> yeah
17:28:19 <smooge> I say we just move epel to coprs and be done with it.
17:28:41 <Evolution> smooge: you can't joke about that stuff. someone
will hear it and then it'll happen
17:28:44 <Evolution> :-P
17:28:55 * smooge should stop drinking Bourbon and Mylanta before noon
17:29:17 <Evolution> hey, that's my 'building golang for aarch64' cocktail
17:29:48 <smooge> I call it Creme De Minthhhh
17:30:03 <smooge> so anything more on this until Flock?
17:30:32 <Evolution> I don't think so. most all the secondary arch
bits have some sticking point that require releng folks to curse.
17:30:38 <smooge> #topic Python34 in EL7
17:31:17 <smooge> OK this looks like it went golden and now it is a
matter of doing the many packages just so we can start the dance again
with python35 at Xmas
17:31:19 <nirik> I think the main thing to talk about here is the
packages in rhel already that are python2 only
17:31:42 <smooge> sounds good
17:31:45 <smooge> or bad...
17:32:07 <nirik> I am leaning toward suggesting new packages... python3-foo
17:32:18 <nirik> will require reviews, but will just be a lot less messy
17:32:31 <bstinson> do we need the FPC to comment on that?
17:32:34 <nirik> and then versions won't be tied to rhel versions
17:33:00 <nirik> I don't think so... it's just a epel
preference/policy. I guess it might not hurt tho
17:33:04 <Evolution> nirik: I like/hate that approach.
17:33:30 <Evolution> it makes this simpler in a number of ways, but
the review process will be fun
17:33:32 <nirik> well, if we don't do that, it means we will have to
keep packages lower than or the same as their rhel versions
17:33:49 <Evolution> no, I totally agree it's the way to go.
17:33:58 <Evolution> but the reviews...
17:34:22 <nirik> well, we don't need to do every package out there,
only ones people are actually interested in and willing to maintain
17:34:56 <bstinson> MUST: be a new package named python3-<foo>,
SHOULD: rebase from fedora's master to make review easier
17:35:19 * nirik nods.
17:35:47 <smooge> speaking of reviews.. do we have a backlog of ones?
How do we tell
17:36:38 <nirik> http://fedoraproject.org/PackageReviewStatus/EPEL.html
17:39:23 * nirik closes some of those
17:39:40 <Evolution> I need dgilmore to finish up the review of mine.
17:39:53 <Evolution> or transfer it to someone else. unsure how that
works exactly
17:40:23 <smooge> I am not sure myself
17:41:03 <smooge> that was what I was wondering was how many
'outstanding' reviews might be there that are in a mixed state..
started but not finished as I would like to figure out how to clean
that house also.
17:41:40 <nirik> not easy to tell. ;)
17:42:21 <nirik> some/many are in the general review queue.
17:42:45 <smooge> ah ok.. I guess it is a time to dive in and do some things
17:42:51 <smooge> in my copious spare time.
17:42:57 <bstinson>
17:42:58 <smooge> I will do it while you guys are at flock
17:43:30 <bstinson> looks like we need a comment in the bug for a
weeks time before it can be reassigned
17:44:45 <smooge> so back to the topic at hand.  I think there is
general agreement that packages for python3 will need a 'new' package
and review or EPEL
17:46:00 <bstinson> +1 (with the expectation that i'll have to take a
few reviews)
17:46:04 <nirik> +1
17:47:03 <Evolution> +1
17:47:04 <smooge> Evolution?
17:48:14 <smooge> sorry
17:48:17 <smooge> irc puked on me
17:48:25 <Evolution> no worries. I delayed a bit.
17:48:30 <smooge> #agreed python3 packages will need new package
python3-foo which will require a review but if based off existing
fedora package should be 'faster' to review than from scratch.
17:48:50 <smooge> #topic Open Flood
17:49:19 <smooge> OK 12 minutes to the top of the hour. Any open
items, complaints, witch burnings, or drinking tips?
17:50:35 <smooge> .... puts away his lit torch and kerosene
17:50:50 <smooge> .... closing in 2 minutes
17:50:59 <nirik> toss the drinks on the complaining witches and burn them?
17:52:03 <smooge> #endmeeting

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