[FAmSCo] privacy settings email

David Nalley david at gnsa.us
Mon Apr 12 20:54:19 UTC 2010

Pursuant to a conversation in irc, apparently we send a privacy
settings email to ambassadors who have privacy turned on in their fas
account. Apparently it's an automated email that runs every few weeks.

So while I don't agree with keeping your information private
(Ambassadors are after all, the public facing element of the Fedora
project.), I don't think repeatedly emailing people urging them to
change is terribly beneficial.

If we care about the privacy bit not being set so much, we should make
it a requirement (though I don't know if our privacy policy would
prohibit us from setting such a requirement.)

If we don't care about it enough to make it a requirement, we should
stop sending emails so frequently (or at all, and make this something
that mentors deal with, or don't deal with) Continually annoying those
who clearly have decided not to change strikes me as a bad thing.

Thoughts, comments, flames??

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