[FAmSCo] Agenda for 2010-12-11 meeting

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Tue Dec 7 13:00:07 UTC 2010

Am 07.12.2010 13:49, schrieb Gerard Braad:
> On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 6:57 AM, Larry Cafiero <larry.cafiero at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 2010/12/5 Pierros Papadeas <ppapadeas at gmail.com>
>>>>> == Chairman Election ==
>>>>> We need to elect a new chairman for FAmSCo :) I am still looking on how
>>>>> this was done before, but as we are only 7 I believe we can manage a simple
>>>>> negotiation...
>>>> How did it work in the past?   


the FAmSCo Chair no longer must be confirmed by the board - this was not
clear last election


> I recall the same thing... so or we have dreamed the same or Joerg
> must have mentioned it.

i think this is no longer needed - justed wanted to kickstart it in case
you all would not have showed up with a election meeting - because from
the "papers" i am in charge until the new chair is elected - and i
wanted to have this transition done quick ;)

cu Joerg

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