[FAmSCo] Assignment of all FAmSCo tasks

Joerg Simon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Wed Dec 15 11:03:21 UTC 2010

Am 15.12.2010 11:42, schrieb Caius 'kaio' Chance:
>     == Membership administration ==
>     That's the FAmA trac and the tasks behind that. Anyone willing to step
>     up? I don't know if Joerg had this one because he was chair. If that
>     is the case I am more than willing to take that.
> I am happy for you to have this. If we all don't mind we may ask Joerg
> if he wants to keep on this? (wonders if only FAmSCos can do this)

According to

"To deal with the large influx of Ambassador membership related
administrivia, FAmSCo routinely appoints several Ambassadors to serve as
Membership Administrators. These individuals have been delegated the
responsibility of handling membership details on behalf of FAmSCo."

FAmA is seperate from FAmSCo - as already pointed out i was FAmA before
elected to FAmSCo  - this is what i ment with segregation of duties in
my canceled nomination email (it was very unfortunate to be the FAmSCo
Chair and the "enforcing" FAmA) the task described is to have a liason
from FAmSCo who knows the processes and what is going on.

I think Fabian, Susmit, Robert and me we like our duties on that, but
can understand that if you are not happy how Membership work is done to
exchange people - no hard feelings.

cu Joerg
Joerg (kital) Simon
jsimon at fedoraproject.org
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