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David Nalley david at gnsa.us
Thu Jan 28 05:22:13 UTC 2010

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On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 4:51 PM, Joerg Simon  wrote:
> Hi famsco,
> today's EMEA Meeting opening the famsco trac instance was requested -
> i want to either discuss this here or add it as a topic for the next meeting if there will be no feedback -
> 20:20:38  questions to famsco?
> 20:20:43  !
> 20:20:51  cwickert:
> 20:20:58  one point where communication is really broken is FAMSCO's trac instance not being public for ambassadors
> 20:21:23  I mean, we get the FAMSCO meeting logs and the links to trac, but we cannot read the tickets
> 20:21:29 * inode0 agrees with that
> 20:21:36  this is a bad joke, not even FESCOs trac is hidden
> 20:21:46  the tickets are only open for the creator and famsco
> 20:21:47  right
> 20:22:00  thanks for bringing this up
> 20:22:25  but there are things that affect me, for example kital opens a ticket on a topic I brought up, nut I cannot se the progress
> 20:22:32  s/nut/but
> 20:23:13  good topic for next famsco meeting
> 20:23:18  we will discuss it
> 20:23:31  I agree there might bit tickets with personal information or other sensitive data that need to be protected, but the large majority of tickets should bue public.
> 20:23:32  eof
> 20:24:00  cwickert: fesco has not to deal with money and sentiments along with money
> 20:24:19  but we have definitely to discuss this
> 20:24:26  ok, thanks
> 20:24:28  i tend to open it
> 20:24:38  but want to have other pov first
> 20:24:50  ?
> 20:25:03  GeroldKa:
> 20:25:07  kital> cwickert: fesco has not to deal with money and sentiments along with money
> 20:25:22  afaik is "money" always a open point to everyone
> 20:25:29  isn't it?
> 20:25:29  +1
> 20:25:34  eof
> 20:25:34  +1
> thanks cu Joerg
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There has to be a place that is kept private for dealing with those
"money details". If people would prefer we reverted to a closed list
and have an open trac session, I suppose we can make that work, but I
also think that it will be far more disappointing.
We should note in response that while FESCo does have an open trac,
they have a closed list.
The list (and irc) is where discussions actually occur and decisions
are made and I think accordingly more important and interesting.
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