[FAmSCo] don't forget this week's action items

Luca Foppiano luca at foppiano.org
Thu Jan 28 22:00:38 UTC 2010

On 01/27/2010 10:09 PM, Luca Foppiano wrote:
> Good to have a reminder :)
> I started to edit it and I have just a remark about the report template,
> I would suggest to remove the column "report and column" because it we
> have a page of the event they will be stored there.
> I instead leave more space for comments and remarks.

Sorry guys, looking that page I'm a bit confused. Is this page just a
template and we have to duplicate it for each region or this is the page
that we have to fil?

I found some observation about it that I didn't see before start filling


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