[FAmSCo] Meeting Raw-Log FAmSCo Meeting 2010-06-28

Joerg Simon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jun 28 21:25:50 UTC 2010

(01:04:20 PM) kital: #startmeeting FAmSCo Meeting 2010-June-28
(01:04:33 PM) kital: so zodbot is not around right
(01:04:34 PM) kital: ?
(01:04:43 PM) susmit: kital, no :)
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(01:05:06 PM) susmit: zodbot, where are you? We are missing you!!
(01:05:11 PM) kital: ;)
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(01:05:22 PM) kital: ok
(01:05:25 PM) Sparks: susmit: Just checked around... zodbot appears to
be missing in action on all channels
(01:05:27 PM) spevack: there was just a netsplit. maybe zodbot died :)
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(01:05:51 PM) susmit: spevack, yes. It died
(01:06:08 PM) kital: seems it is not over i see a lot Write error:
Broken pipe from here
(01:06:21 PM) kital: so lets have Roll Call
(01:06:59 PM) spevack: I'm here :)
(01:07:05 PM) kital: Joerg Simon
(01:07:08 PM) susmit: So am I
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(01:07:55 PM) kital: lets have a look at the agenda
(01:07:55 PM) susmit: kital, today is the deadline for ambassadors schedule.
(01:08:07 PM) kital: susmit i know and you have done great work on it
(01:08:18 PM) kital: should we make this topic 1 ?
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(01:08:23 PM) susmit: yes
(01:08:39 PM) ***spevack listens
(01:08:41 PM) ke4qqq: sorry I am late
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(01:08:50 PM) ianweller: well. that worked well...
(01:08:53 PM) kital: is not working ;)
(01:09:26 PM) kital: topic Provide Feedback from regional Meetings about
important Milestones which have to be listed under the official Release
(01:09:27 PM) susmit: spevack, kital I have nothing more to say...I
wrote it as it came to mind. Its your turn to review :)
(01:09:45 PM) spevack: susmit: :)
(01:09:49 PM) ***bochecha notes that you could still use the commands,
and then « feed » the logs to meetbot so it generates the minutes
(01:10:20 PM) kital: susmit: it is very good work - and the EMEA
Ambassadors could not think of other milestones
(01:10:34 PM) susmit: ok.
(01:10:45 PM) kital: bochecha: ok i did not know that - big thanks
(01:11:29 PM) susmit: ke4qqq, ?
(01:11:36 PM) ke4qqq: susmit: ?
(01:11:45 PM) susmit: yeah, the feedback
(01:11:55 PM) susmit: we are discussing schedule
(01:12:02 PM) kital: my god what is this?
(01:12:11 PM) kital: my keyboard ...
(01:12:27 PM) ***inode0 finds famsco meeting more fun now
(01:12:32 PM) ke4qqq: ahh - I saw it - noted a few from NA made comments
- I worry that our media schedule differs significantly - but I think it
was sent to john out of band by NA's media handlers
(01:12:48 PM) kital: so here it is
(01:12:51 PM) ***ke4qqq is thrilled we can amuse inode0 :)
(01:13:19 PM) susmit: ke4qqq, do you mean that schedule need not be
integrated with ambassadors?
(01:13:20 PM) kital: if you can think of more milestones or think we
should take a topic out
(01:13:42 PM) ***spevack is almost done with his other meeting (which he
has to lead, thus the silence)
(01:13:46 PM) kital: you have this meeting - because the deadline is
today 21:00 UTC
(01:14:16 PM) kital: has tatica more feedback from LATAM?
(01:14:17 PM) tatica [~tatica at fedora/tatica] entered the room.
(01:14:21 PM) tatica: o/
(01:14:28 PM) kital: welcome back tatica
(01:14:29 PM) tatica: back from netsplit?
(01:14:40 PM) susmit: tatica, yes
(01:14:40 PM) kital: we are discussing the
(01:14:47 PM) kital: for F14
(01:15:01 PM) kital: do you have more to add from LATAM ?
(01:15:22 PM) ke4qqq: so susmit: in NA - the deadlines that affect
(sneak up on) us are dealing with media production.
(01:15:28 PM) tatica: let me check
(01:16:08 PM) ke4qqq: but I think /me runs to check) that those dates
have been submitted to poelcat
(01:16:22 PM) tatica: I will like to talk about something is not listed
(01:16:33 PM) susmit: ke4qqq, ok
(01:16:39 PM) tatica: but maybe can help us with those countries that
doesn't open a ticket in time
(01:17:17 PM) kital: scheduled action item from 8/3 - 8/10 to discuss
on-list and pick a spin for F14
(01:17:23 PM) tatica: we already have information about countries that
make events, installfest and some other things and still don't open
tickets or those tickets doesn't get reply
(01:17:27 PM) tatica: for example Peru
(01:18:09 PM) tatica: what if we prepare a "release package" with the
basic stuff (2 or 3 t-shirts, 50 stickets, 50 dvd/cd) for all countries
(01:18:10 PM) kital: tatica: any milestone that we forgott here
(01:18:24 PM) kital: or where you think we need to change dates ?
(01:18:37 PM) tatica: if we already know that they are working... why do
we have to wait until we see a ticket?
(01:18:50 PM) ke4qqq: susmit: it looks to me that there are things that
we currently don't do in the schedule - or am I ignorant of them
happening already?
(01:18:54 PM) kital: tatica: this are not tickets
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(01:19:07 PM) susmit: ke4qqq, for example?
(01:19:12 PM) ke4qqq: FAmSCo and regional teams meet to discuss any
hitch on events/media/swag
(01:19:12 PM) kital: we discussion official ambassadorial milestones for F14
(01:19:15 PM) tatica: yes, but I mean for the future
(01:19:18 PM) ke4qqq: susmit: ^^
(01:19:28 PM) tatica: * Funding request submission for swag/media production
(01:19:38 PM) tatica: I talk about 4th point in that list
(01:19:40 PM) spevack: tatica: my view is this. Tickets are great when
someone *specifically* needs something. But I want everyone to feel free
to *take action* WITHOUT first asking for permission
(01:19:47 PM) susmit: I am confused...
(01:20:05 PM) ke4qqq: perhaps I am too
(01:20:09 PM) susmit: :)
(01:20:18 PM) kital: tatica: i have added the peru ticket to the agenda
- for later discussion
(01:20:42 PM) kital: tatica: but understood you point
(01:20:59 PM) tatica: ok
(01:21:19 PM) tatica: Maybe I was trying to see what to fix in the list
and not the dates
(01:21:19 PM) susmit: I have not..but may be I am a bit slow today.
(01:21:25 PM) tatica: sry, the dates looks ok to me too
(01:21:27 PM) kital: susmit: sorry for the confusion ;)
(01:21:34 PM) ***tatica too, is a little sick after a fedora trip
(01:21:37 PM) yevlempy [~yevlempy at] entered the room.
(01:21:39 PM) kital: ;)
(01:22:19 PM) tatica: 2nd item on that list will be my b-day lol
(01:22:42 PM) susmit: ke4qqq, if you don't mind, can you please explain
it once again?
(01:22:49 PM) spevack: tatica: happy birthday :)
(01:22:57 PM) tatica: in 2 months lol
(01:23:05 PM) spevack: oh
(01:23:07 PM) tatica: lool
(01:23:23 PM) ke4qqq: susmit: are we adding things todo on this list, or
documenting things that we already do. I don't know that I have seen us
do the item I listed (at least not as famsco)
(01:24:06 PM) tatica: question: 1st point... would be good to do a
regional meeting WITH famsco and Schedule it now?
(01:24:15 PM) susmit: ke4qqq, this is not famsco schedule...but
ambassadors schedule in general
(01:24:24 PM) tatica: maybe with a simultaneous translator in the needed
(01:24:46 PM) susmit: tatica, please hold on for a sec...I am getting
too confused today
(01:24:59 PM) tatica: oki :$
(01:25:09 PM) susmit: ke4qqq, what exactly are the points that you are
referring to?
(01:25:15 PM) kital: i think it is good to have milestones with deliverables
(01:25:32 PM) ke4qqq: FAmSCo and regional teams meet to discuss any
hitch on events/media/swag
(01:25:39 PM) ke4qqq: is the one that jumped out at me
(01:26:15 PM) ke4qqq: but I'll defer to your judgement, susmit. I don't
want to hold us up over my lack of understanding
(01:26:20 PM) susmit: yes, we don't do it now, but I thought it may be
better if we can have a meeting to discuss any issues
(01:27:15 PM) kital: susmit: +1
(01:27:27 PM) ke4qqq: ok, that explains it.
(01:27:35 PM) susmit: may be its a bit redundant, but I find no harm in
it...and considering this is the first time, we will see how that goes
and review it for F15.
(01:27:37 PM) susmit: EOF
(01:27:52 PM) kital: makes sense for me
(01:28:05 PM) ke4qqq: +1 - nothing wrong with redundancy in
documentation - esp when none currently exists
(01:28:16 PM) kital: ke4qqq: ;)
(01:28:19 PM) susmit: :)
(01:28:38 PM) susmit: tatica, you had a few points
(01:29:01 PM) tatica: yes
(01:29:08 PM) susmit: please tell us
(01:29:36 PM) tatica: ok
(01:29:49 PM) tatica: on 1st item
(01:30:23 PM) tatica: if we are adding dates, I think would be nice to
have planed meetings with regions (dates) and use translator, not just
(01:31:07 PM) tatica: if we have them already planned, it can help those
people to plan it better
(01:31:35 PM) tatica: like you where discussing up, redundancy can be
good in this case
(01:32:08 PM) kital: tatica eof?
(01:32:13 PM) susmit: ok..so we schedule four meetings with four regions?
(01:32:14 PM) tatica: nop, but almost
(01:32:19 PM) kital: ah ;)
(01:32:35 PM) tatica: in 2nd point, I would like to bring the example of
SoftwareFreedomDay, they have a small package of marketing for all the
teams that subscribe to the website
(01:33:04 PM) tatica: we already know which countries has a constant
release party, so, why do we have to ask them to fill a ticket?
(01:33:13 PM) ke4qqq: like a presskit?
(01:33:16 PM) tatica: yes
(01:33:33 PM) tatica: we should just ask by mail if those team will held
again an event
(01:33:37 PM) tatica: and that's it
(01:33:51 PM) tatica: if they need more that the usual, ok... they will
fill a ticket
(01:34:05 PM) tatica: but that would also help us with production cost
(01:34:11 PM) tatica: now yes, eof
(01:34:15 PM) susmit: tatica, how long does it take to file a ticket? It
makes tracking easy...and may be helps spevack a bit to organise budget
(01:34:59 PM) tatica: yes, but maybe Max has too much and can't take
care of everyone in time
(01:35:07 PM) kital: tatica: if they need ressources with reimbursement
- a ticket seems the best way for me
(01:35:08 PM) spevack: It's very easy to file a ticket.
(01:35:13 PM) ke4qqq: there are plans in work to deal with that too
(01:35:15 PM) spevack: It takes only a minute or two
(01:35:19 PM) tatica: I0m not saying Max is not doing a great job... he
is doing an excellent job
(01:35:39 PM) spevack: the hard part is sometimes closing the tickets --
especially with PayPal, sometimes people don't send all the receipts, or
it takes time, etc. But opening tickets is easy!
(01:36:05 PM) spevack: tatica: which reminds me, i need to poke you and
rodrigo again about some receipts :) but that's a separate topic.
(01:36:24 PM) tatica: yeap, I already have them. I was yesterday on my
last trip for CNSL
(01:36:27 PM) tatica: I had 13 trips
(01:36:34 PM) tatica: well, was just a suggestion based on a repetitive task
(01:37:13 PM) susmit: spevack, is the vietnam release party one done? he
was poking me in very regular interval :)
(01:37:13 PM) tatica: maybe... we are informatics; and we used set a bot
to do our repetitive task, so I just wonder why not to help this one too
(01:37:22 PM) spevack: tatica: you have been so busy with your fedora travel
(01:37:27 PM) spevack: susmit: it is not
(01:37:41 PM) susmit: spevack, ok
(01:37:45 PM) tatica: and I'm sick too... this last travel had me 27
hours in a bus
(01:37:52 PM) tatica: but that's another topic
(01:37:54 PM) kital: tatica: your point was Funding request submission?
(01:37:55 PM) susmit: tatica, ooops
(01:38:20 PM) tatica: my point is that we could have a team that works
with spevack for that 70% that always needs the same for events
(01:38:46 PM) kital: but they will still have new receipts?
(01:39:20 PM) ke4qqq: tatica: isn't that in process with the community
members that will receive credit cards?
(01:39:29 PM) tatica: nop, because they will produce in one place (let's
say usa for NA-LATAM) and different regions will only pay shipment
(01:39:57 PM) tatica: ke4qqq, what I have seen in latam in particular is
that some places is really cheep, but in the next country isn't
(01:40:15 PM) kital: ok - but is it not also a good tasklist for the
people to know where to ship things then?
(01:40:19 PM) tatica: so if in country-A 100 t-shirts cost 100us$, in
country-B cost 500us$
(01:41:09 PM) kital: ok who will distribute them ? this is the person
who can decide if he want to have a ticket for an request or not
(01:41:09 PM) ***tatica didn't understand that last line :S
(01:41:52 PM) ***kital is the same - i do not understand where to store
the information regarding shipping
(01:42:06 PM) kital: even if they have done a release party before
(01:42:15 PM) kital: it is still a new request
(01:42:18 PM) tatica: lets do something... this is taking time of other
important points
(01:42:26 PM) kital: and a ticket seems the most transparent and
scheduled way
(01:42:30 PM) kital: for me
(01:42:32 PM) tatica: I can write a wikipage and explain myself a little
(01:42:42 PM) tatica: and we can talk more about this
(01:42:52 PM) kital: tatica: we have to decide on the schedule till
21:00 UTC
(01:42:54 PM) susmit: tatica, but then we will adopt that in F15
(01:43:02 PM) susmit: today is the llast date
(01:43:17 PM) tatica: even if we decide this now, will have to be planned
(01:43:27 PM) kital: tatica: to point 1 - you mean 4 regional meetings then?
(01:43:28 PM) tatica: so I know that is not something we can implement
in a couple of months
(01:43:36 PM) tatica: kital, 5
(01:43:52 PM) tatica: now we have africa... even there is not so much
people :)
(01:44:32 PM) kital: tatica: Africa is still EMEA
(01:45:03 PM) kital: and right now the ressouces that will be spreaded
are produced in Europe - we hope to change that
(01:45:09 PM) tatica: oki
(01:45:17 PM) tatica: so, 5 meetings for f15, 4 to f14
(01:45:18 PM) tatica: :)
(01:45:30 PM) kital: hehe
(01:45:38 PM) kital: can we vote on the schedule?
(01:45:50 PM) kital: or better please vote on the schedule!
(01:45:56 PM) tatica: lol
(01:46:03 PM) kital: +1 from me to this schedule
(01:46:12 PM) rbergero1 is now known as rbergeron
(01:46:27 PM) ke4qqq: +1 from me as well
(01:46:33 PM) susmit: I wrote it. 0 from me
(01:46:39 PM) kital: susmit hehe
(01:46:49 PM) kital: spevack: your vote
(01:46:51 PM) spevack: +1
(01:46:51 PM) kital: ?
(01:46:55 PM) kital: ah good
(01:46:56 PM) ***ke4qqq worries when it's author won't +1 it ;)
(01:47:12 PM) kital: susmit: is too kind
(01:47:25 PM) ***inode0 would worry more if the author gave it -1
(01:47:25 PM) ke4qqq: s/it's/its/
(01:47:33 PM) tatica: +1
(01:47:49 PM) susmit: ke4qqq, inode0 trying to be impartial ;)
(01:47:54 PM) kital: inode0 :P ich schmeiß mich weg hihi
(01:48:14 PM) kital: thanks tatica
(01:48:45 PM) kital: then we have another important topic that i want to
bring up
(01:49:13 PM) kital: clarification for a famsco ticket - T76
(01:49:38 PM) kital: inode0: what should i do i have to post it :S
(01:49:46 PM) kital: https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/76
(01:49:46 PM) ke4qqq: fpaste?
(01:50:04 PM) ke4qqq: !
(01:50:22 PM) kital: ke4qqq go ahead
(01:50:52 PM) ke4qqq: so initially I thought he was asking for 500 for a
year - I replied to this, and his repsonse makes me tihnk he has already
spent money, but I see no receipt
(01:51:04 PM) ke4qqq: so perhaps I am more harm than help
(01:51:06 PM) kital: inode0: http://fpaste.org/gBmE/
(01:51:16 PM) kamihacker [~kami at] entered the room.
(01:51:46 PM) kital: tatica: could you sum up what he wrote - google
translate is not helpful for me
(01:52:08 PM) tatica: oki
(01:52:36 PM) tatica: I will tell you guys first what's he doing, and
then tell you what's he asking for
(01:52:50 PM) tatica: he is giving fedora workshops in different places
(01:53:07 PM) tatica: and he has been paying the marketing stuffs since
2 years ago
(01:53:21 PM) tatica: his expenses will be to buy things for all the year
(01:53:28 PM) tatica: he hasn't pay anything yet
(01:53:51 PM) tatica: what he has are the market rates (quotes?)
(01:53:56 PM) tatica: the estimated prices
(01:54:01 PM) tatica: (I don't know how to say that)
(01:54:16 PM) kamihacker: quotes
(01:54:21 PM) tatica: thx :)
(01:54:33 PM) kamihacker: quotes from providers
(01:54:33 PM) tatica: that a resume of his ticket
(01:54:34 PM) kamihacker: np
(01:54:50 PM) ***tatica has a google.translator bot call kamihacker :P
(01:54:59 PM) kital: ,)
(01:55:22 PM) kamihacker: hehe
(01:55:33 PM) kital: so he is from your region tatica - what is your
(01:55:37 PM) tatica: he is giving already this workshops, so he needs
this now
(01:55:42 PM) ke4qqq: so I have only seen totals, and aggregations. My
concern - is that I don't want spevack left hanging for a year waiting
on receipts. how much does he need this month. Does he have receipts
from the past two years of expenses?
(01:55:59 PM) tatica: he has been a really active ambassador in Perú, I
have no complains of him
(01:56:06 PM) kital: i also saw advertising on the website - i do not
know if this is a problem
(01:56:23 PM) tatica: I already told him about that banner
(01:56:37 PM) ke4qqq: me too - it at least annoys me. /me thought we
prohibited advertising on community sites....but maybe I am wrong
(01:56:38 PM) tatica: if he doesn't want to use the fedora hosting I can
provide him mine
(01:57:33 PM) spevack: ke4qqq: that's my worry too. PayPal money comes
out of my own pocket, and not Red Hat's, and thus I'm taking a risk if
we can't collect proper documentation, that I can't get reimbursed, and
then I'm personally funding stuff for Fedora. Which has happened many
times over the years, and I try (obviously) to minimize that.
(01:57:48 PM) tatica: I don't use either the fedora hosting, but is
because I like to have shell access
(01:57:52 PM) ke4qqq: tatica: I don't want to speak for spevack - but I
don't see handing him money as the problem, more of how fast we can get
receipts. a year later isn't an option. What does he need this week.
(01:58:00 PM) spevack: That's part of the FUDCon LATAM money issue. They
can put a lot (but not everything) on my credit card, and I can't send
thousands of $$$ of my own money via paypal, obviously :)
(01:58:20 PM) tatica: question about fudcon latam
(01:58:25 PM) tatica: who is organizing it?
(01:58:31 PM) ke4qqq: tatica: lets stay on this subject
(01:58:32 PM) spevack: asalles and rodrigo
(01:58:43 PM) spevack: ke4qqq: yes, let's stay on topic :) my fault
(01:58:47 PM) tatica: lol, now I understand
(01:58:58 PM) tatica: so, hacataka is a great ambassador
(01:59:09 PM) ke4qqq: no dispute there
(01:59:13 PM) tatica: maybe I can talk to him and try to give you time
(01:59:33 PM) tatica: he could try to buy some of the items and as
(01:59:54 PM) susmit: tatica, why can not he buy stuffs as and when
required and get it reimbursed?
(01:59:55 PM) kital: tatica: i do not know if this works in Peru in
Germany we can get bills in front of the delivery
(01:59:56 PM) tatica: that can give you maybe a couple of months, while
fudcon latam ends
(02:00:19 PM) kital: and if the bill is payed they send the stuff
(02:00:24 PM) tatica: susmit, I don't know if he can spend that amount
(02:00:25 PM) ke4qqq: tatica: that would work even better, but if he
needs money up front - can he tell us what he needs right now, lets get
that and move forward.
(02:00:35 PM) susmit: tatica, ok
(02:00:36 PM) tatica: 500us4 in latam may be a 1-2-3 months salary
(02:01:04 PM) tatica: so I don't know how are their finances
(02:01:11 PM) tatica: but I could try to work on that with him
(02:01:13 PM) susmit: tatica, got it.
(02:01:57 PM) susmit: tatica, but 500 usd is for all the year...right?
(02:02:01 PM) tatica: yup
(02:02:03 PM) ke4qqq: tatica: is there a disconnect here?? $we want to
hand him money.
(02:02:29 PM) ke4qqq: we want to get things done - but he likely can't
spend an annual budget in a week or two and get max receipts.
(02:02:43 PM) kital: tatica: can he get a written quotation from the
vendor with a ordering status on it - so they can send it out as soon as
they have the money and we have a bill? is this possible in Peru
(02:02:48 PM) kital: ?
(02:02:59 PM) tatica: yes
(02:03:20 PM) spevack: $500 is ok. I understand if the ambassador needs
the money *before* you pay it. Then a quote or something is ok. Just
something written down :)
(02:03:43 PM) tatica: excellent, I will talk with him later
(02:03:55 PM) tatica: I had him on pm but seems that he is in some other
place right now
(02:04:06 PM) kital: tatica: the other think can he use our common
project language please - if not can someone help?
(02:04:15 PM) kital: s/think/thing
(02:04:24 PM) tatica: lol, yes
(02:04:24 PM) ke4qqq: yes - more specificity than whats in the ticket -
X dollars for Y tshirts, 1000 stickers for W dollars, etc.
(02:04:41 PM) tatica: I already told him that we need the tickets in
english... or at least both languages
(02:04:47 PM) tatica: and offer him my help
(02:04:51 PM) ke4qqq: aweomse
(02:04:55 PM) ke4qqq: awesome even
(02:05:43 PM) tatica: so,
(02:05:51 PM) kital: #agreed to help hacataka with budget if we get a
written quotation from the vendor with a ordering status on it - and a
listing what is ordered
(02:06:08 PM) ***tatica has to ask for a written quotation from the
vendor in peru and send it to max
(02:06:44 PM) kital: ok - how is it
(02:06:48 PM) kital: we discussed
(02:06:57 PM) kital: Private information in famsco trac already on the
mailing list
(02:07:07 PM) kital: but got not feedback from all
(02:07:16 PM) kital:
(02:07:35 PM) spevack: ke4qqq volunteered to pick up the slack for me on
(02:07:40 PM) spevack: which i deeply appreciate
(02:07:47 PM) spevack: i think he already did some work on this
(02:07:52 PM) kital: we are already out of time but i think - there are
some Ambassadors out there who want to have a decission - in the one or
the other direction
(02:08:05 PM) kital: so the question is now
(02:08:37 PM) kital: where will end up the information to bills and
moneytransfer in a way that it can be peer-reviewed by all famsco members?
(02:08:48 PM) susmit: we can not reasonably open it without affecting
our workflow...we can do a pastebin post and make it public for new
(02:09:11 PM) ke4qqq: or separate trac for reimbursements as opposed to
(02:09:18 PM) tatica: can the 1st ticket be open and the reply privated?
(02:09:34 PM) tatica: or can the trac have a check box to make privated
an specific reply?
(02:09:47 PM) tatica: so people can check it if they will add personal
(02:09:55 PM) ***kital has no idea
(02:10:09 PM) susmit: tatica, no, that is not possible with trac
(02:10:11 PM) ke4qqq: tatica: I don't believe so - but I am no expert on
trac. that'd be ideal though - much like sequestering security tickets in bz
(02:10:18 PM) tatica: :(
(02:10:32 PM) tatica: but we have programmers... right?
(02:10:37 PM) tatica: can we open a ticket to fix that?
(02:10:46 PM) tatica: is easier that remake all the regular process
(02:10:50 PM) ***tatica just wondering
(02:11:05 PM) susmit: :)...I don't think that will be easy
(02:11:13 PM) tatica: :( sniff sniffff
(02:12:09 PM) kital: ok
(02:13:19 PM) kital: from my point of view i agree that right now we can
not open it to the public - otherwise we would make the situation more fatal
(02:13:53 PM) susmit: +1
(02:13:59 PM) ke4qqq: so mmcgrath said he thinks a plugin to do that
exists, but that 'private' and -hosted don't mix well.
(02:14:27 PM) ke4qqq: I'd also think even if we knew of a solution we'd
be talking potentially months to get something integrated
(02:14:32 PM) ***ke4qqq notes his battery is dying
(02:14:35 PM) tatica: 0, I will at least try to ask if something in trac
can be done... we are It people
(02:14:40 PM) kital: for the future we should stay away from posting
this links in public communication especially in irc
(02:14:49 PM) kital: and use fpaste instead if we have to
(02:15:13 PM) ke4qqq: +1 for the time being - I think we should look for
other solutions though.
(02:15:28 PM) susmit: ke4qqq, I use private ticket plugin a lot, but
that makes the whole ticket privatee
(02:15:40 PM) susmit: not only the comment
(02:15:49 PM) ke4qqq: susmit: is it selectable per ticket
(02:15:52 PM) ke4qqq: ie could I have tasks
(02:16:00 PM) ke4qqq: and budget items that become private?
(02:16:16 PM) susmit: no, I don't think so, let me do some research on it
(02:16:22 PM) ke4qqq: ok
(02:16:32 PM) susmit: I shall find it out by the nest meet
(02:16:35 PM) susmit: EOF
(02:16:36 PM) ke4qqq: ok
(02:16:37 PM) kital: susmit is this possible till next meeting
(02:16:38 PM) kital: ?
(02:16:40 PM) kital: ah ok
(02:16:43 PM) kital: ;)
(02:16:50 PM) susmit: s/nest/next
(02:17:02 PM) ***ke4qqq apologizes and departs
(02:17:09 PM) kital: ok the topic Our Ambassador Conduct needs some love ?
(02:17:15 PM) kital: is for the next meeting
(02:17:25 PM) spevack: agreed
(02:17:30 PM) susmit: yes..for the next meeting
(02:17:34 PM) tatica: +1
(02:17:39 PM) kital: and then we need to set a date for the June Report
(02:17:59 PM) susmit: 7th?
(02:18:15 PM) kital: susmit: +1
(02:18:44 PM) kital: fill the June Report till 2010-07-07 - is that ok
for all
(02:18:45 PM) kital: `
(02:18:47 PM) kital: ?
(02:18:51 PM) susmit: +1
(02:18:55 PM) tatica: +1
(02:19:31 PM) kital: spevack: ?
(02:20:00 PM) spevack: +1
(02:20:01 PM) spevack: :)
(02:20:03 PM) kital: perfect
(02:20:05 PM) spevack: sorry, I was in another window
(02:20:15 PM) kital: ;)
(02:20:21 PM) susmit: ok..so we close for the day?
(02:20:22 PM) kital: ok thats it for today
(02:20:25 PM) tatica: oki
(02:20:33 PM) kital: thanks all for attending
(02:20:33 PM) susmit: kital, thank for leading
(02:20:43 PM) kital: was a bit chaotic today ;)
(02:20:44 PM) susmit: see you all
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