[FAmSCo] Igor Pires Soares as a new Mentor for Latam

Joerg Simon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Fri Mar 12 22:49:25 UTC 2010

Am Freitag, 12. März 2010 17:07:19 schrieb Rodrigo Padula:
> Hi Joerg and Susmit,
> Yes, by now Igor is keeping the focus only in some projects that he is
> leading/participating.
> If I'm correct, the MENTORS has a regional focus and Igor is very active
> in our region, with a great communication skills in Portuguese and
> English. 

To know the local conditions is definitely something that is required for a 
local Mentor, but - this does not mean isolation from the rest of the world.

> It's in the same case like you recommended Bochecha as an EMEA
> local mentor (with focus on France speakers).

Bochecha is a active part of the global Ambassadors Group and made measureable 
contributions to that group, not only in France and he mentored already 
several contributors - guided by me and Robert Scheck - 

and this is what i have proposed already - give him a chance to help you to 
mentor your Mentorees - and - simple let him do some measureable Ambassador 
work first - just start with writing Event Reports.
> We can't measure the level of contribution/skill of one person based on
> the frequency of that person stay online on IRC or mail lists.

We can, and we do. Ambassadors Role is listed under "People Person", so there 
are certain abilities that a person in this Role should have - one of them is 
to be responsive and responsible, i am sure that Igor could show this 
qualities, but right now i do not see them in Ambassadors. 

> A lot of people are all days in our mail lists and IRC channels talking
> jokes, sending kisses and hugs and aren't doing a real contribution to
> Fedora, so, are they more able to be a Mentor than one active member of
> our projects/teams ? 

Is there such a Mentor? Anyway - this is how a part of the "People Person" 
thing works. And it helps to get things done!

> As Linus Torvalds said, talk is cheap, show me the code!

I know Ambassadors who do not write a single line of code - but are great 
Ambassadors! And i know brilliant Coders, who are totaly horrible Ambassadors.

> You and Susmit are confusing two terms: MENTOR x SPONSOR.

I confused the wording - but not in terms of the Topic - we talk about 
mentoring - this is absolut clear.

> This week I officially leave Red Hat Latam and I will stay here only as
> contributor, so I will not have the same time available to work on the
> Fedora Project as before.

From my pov, veterans like Neville A. Cross are the ones who should help here.

> I believe in the leaderless organizations and shared leadership. The
> Fedora Project must to be a starfish and not a spyder :-)

yes, that is the way it works - that is why all famsco members have to vote on 
this topic. 

And you have my +1 as soon as i see some of Igors work in Ambassadors.

cu Joerg 

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