[FAmSCo] Igor Pires Soares as a new Mentor for Latam

Rodrigo Padula rodrigopadula at projetofedora.org
Sat Mar 13 20:45:28 UTC 2010

Ok guys, you can disconsider my recomendation!

Em Sex, 2010-03-12 às 22:07 +0530, susmit shannigrahi escreveu:
> > Yes, by now Igor is keeping the focus only in some projects that he is
> > leading/participating.
> As I said, he is doing great in L10N.
> But that does not qualify him for ambassadors mentor.
> > If I'm correct, the MENTORS has a regional focus and Igor is very active
> > in our region, with a great communication skills in Portuguese and
> > English. It's in the same case like you recommended Bochecha as an EMEA
> > local mentor (with focus on France speakers).
> Bochecha *is* active ambassadors channels. Googling will show you that.
> Also, we have not decided on that either.
> > We can't measure the level of contribution/skill of one person based on
> > the frequency of that person stay online on IRC or mail lists.
> Of course not. But when a certain person does not send a *single* mail
> or does not say a *single* line on the lists/irc for a couple of
> years, I don't think he is interested enough (if at all) in the
> project.
> > A lot of people are all days in our mail lists and IRC channels talking
> > jokes, sending kisses and hugs and aren't doing a real contribution to
> > Fedora, so, are they more able to be a Mentor than one active member of
> > our projects/teams ?
> I am sorry to say this, but making bad reference to/ hitting at other
> people does not make your point any stronger. This is not the first
> time you made these comments, but _please_ restrain yourself from
> making these comments, if possible. We don't dictate people what they
> should or should not do. Let them do whatever they are doing as long
> as that does not go beyond limits. If you think that some
> conversations in the mailing list/irc are really bad and should not
> happen, raise that to FAmSCo meeting. So far, you have not raised any
> such concerns.
> > As Linus Torvalds said, talk is cheap, show me the code!
> Indeed. Show me the work he did for ambassadors project, you will have my +1.
> > He can frequently participate in IRC and Mktg lists since he have a role
> > where it is needed.
> >
> > You and Susmit are confusing two terms: MENTOR x SPONSOR.
> No, I am not.
> > I did not recommend Igor as SPONSOR as quoted in your emails, I
> > requested that he be accepted as MENTOR.
> Yes, I understand that you requested that he be accepted as mentor but
> without credible proof of work, which I don't find, I stick to my -1.
> > IMHO, Igor is completely able because he is guiding many people throw
> > the localization team by years and has invited and guide some guys in
> > that team to the ambassadors project.
> Of course he can, but given that the freedom we give to mentors, we
> can not make anyone mentor without proven records. As I said, let him
> prove his worth in ambassadors project as he did in L10N and I shall
> be more than happy to give him my +1.
> > I think is very important to have more one guy working with me in that
> > transitional time.
> >
> > This week I officially leave Red Hat Latam and I will stay here only as
> > contributor, so I will not have the same time available to work on the
> > Fedora Project as before.
> >
> > I believe in the leaderless organizations and shared leadership. The
> > Fedora Project must to be a starfish and not a spyder :-)
> My vote will go to someone with more contributions in ambassadors project.
> At this moment, I still think Igor does not fit in the mentoring position.
> Thanks.

Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira

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