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Can anyone help?

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Subject: Re: [FAmSCo] #101: Budget for Kosovo

#101: Budget for Kosovo
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Comment (by mspevack):

  So here's the deal.  We're going to eventually need to get about 200 
EUR to these folks in Kosovo, but they need 50 EUR urgently.

  For me to do a bank transfer will cost me somewhere around $40 USD 
additional (which I can still file an expense report for), but it won't 
happen until probably next Tuesday.

  Is there someone in Europe who *has* a PayPal account who can do a bank 
transfer of EUR to EUR, and then I can simply reimburse that person? 
Essentially, we'd be creating a 3 way chain.

  Person in Europe transfers X EUR, takes a screenshot of the 

  I Pay Pal that person X EUR back.

  Folks in Kosovo get their receipts for X EUR and their event report, 
send it all to me.

  I file expense report.

  Adding this comment here and also sending it to FAMSCO's email list.

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