[FAmSCo] Ambassadors Conduct Violation

Joerg Simon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Thu Sep 2 15:09:11 UTC 2010

Hi Paul,

as you are the official mentor of Luke i want to ask you - please work
with him - we got complaints about his Blog Post burning Ubuntu CD/DVD
on the Fedora Planet


as a Fedora Ambassador this is a not acceptable behaivour.

thanks Joerg

16:27 < wzzrd> question about the current top post on the fedora planet
website; the burning of an Ubuntu CD:
16:27 < wzzrd> is that considered being excellent
16:27 < wzzrd> ?
16:29 < inode0> no, but that is what you get when people in our
community wage a war against canonical/ubuntu - all very sad
16:45 < MarkDude> Holy crap, thats not in the spirit of the FOSS community
16:46 < MarkDude> That is pretty funny though ( and I am also an Ubuntu
community member)
16:46 < MarkDude> Still needs to be removed
16:48 < hicham> what needs to be removed ?
16:49 < Southern_Gentlem> 2nd post on planet
16:50  * MarkDude is still laughing about it tho
16:50 < inode0> I didn't think it was funny at all, and I don't think it
needs to be removed either. The community should just speak out against it.
16:50 < Southern_Gentlem> i think the rest of us need to give alot of
stern blog posts over it
16:51  * NiveusLuna has a blog on xfire.com that he posts to about every
six months.
16:51 < MarkDude> inode0, sounds fair. Self-policing. Get ready for some
of the Ubuntu folks to start the corporate Linux flaming turd wars
16:51  * MarkDude yells *incoming*
16:51 < inode0> I really only see us starting them
16:52 < inode0> maybe that is because I'm more focused on us though
16:52 < hicham> that is very nasty
16:52 < Southern_Gentlem> and the fun part is when i went to the guys
url it doesnt exist any longer
16:53 < djf_jeff> I can say I already been emailed by a friend that work
for Canonical about that post ;)
16:54 < Southern_Gentlem> djf_jeff,  i hope you explained to them that
both groups have fanatic idiots that do stuff like this
16:54 < Southern_Gentlem> from time to time
16:54 < MarkDude> trust me Ubuntu has wacky folks also. Most have much
respect for tools that Fedora & RH have brought to the FOSS universe
16:54 < inode0> er, just explain we have some idiots
16:54 < MarkDude> EVERYBODY has fringe folks
16:54 < djf_jeff> Southern_Gentlem: yes, don't fear, he was just making
fun of me
16:55 < hicham> who moderates planet ?
16:56 < hicham> that is very serious

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