[FAmSCo] [Fwd] F13 Media Stuck at Customs

Max Spevack mspevack at fedoraproject.org
Mon Sep 27 18:20:48 UTC 2010

On Mon, 27 Sep 2010, Paul W. Frields wrote:

> The explanation below indicates the postal service googled a site to 
> show what a Fedora DVD costs.  Did Arthur show them where they could 
> download the exact same content for free, thus showing the minimal 
> value of the DVD?

It all got sorted out.

Arthur wrote:

I managed to sit with the Main Man and explained to him about the FOSS 
movement and Fedora. Twenty minutes later, the guy is smiling when I 
hand him a GNOME live disk from the package and he is very amused that 
he can actually been given free Windows :-)

So he cut the previous Ksh 60000 by 90% to Ksh 6000. He waives this fee 
and instead the only thing I need to pay is VAT and import duty, which 
comes to Ksh 1165. The other fees are Postal Storage fees (since DHL 
never informed me of the package arrival, it overstayed at the Post and 
therefore was accruing charges. Totalled to Ksh 1350. Therefore total 
fees paid was Ksh 2515 ($31.12564).

I have the package with me.

To which I replied:

Wonderful! Congrats, Arthur.

If you have a receipt for that, and if you can take PayPal?, we're happy 
to reimburse you that money.

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