[FAmSCo] librebus (freedom bus) across central america

Neville A. Cross neville at taygon.com
Tue Apr 26 04:59:00 UTC 2011

Last FAmSCo meeting I was asked to write about librebus on the mailing

Librebus is the most complex experience that I have been involved on.
Not because is a technical challenge, because it is not about
technological skills. Not about logistic, but that is a big burden
trying to get people to act together on 5 different countries on a
continuos schedule.  The real challenge is about thinking in new
grounds, reaching for new people.

We are reaching ciber-activist, citizen reporters, film-makers,
photographers, agricultural engineers, blog writers, people that use
twitter/facebook intensively on their cellphone using sms...

For instance the project of "seeds of identity" that campaign about
nourishing the genetic bank of grains that we use for eating and also
campaign against patents, have never questioned before what software
they use. And to tell the truth I have never stop to think about the
beans that I eat every day.

So we are making a new contact network of people that are sensitive to
topics like Creative Commons, Free access to knowledge and freedom of
speech to the FOSS world. This will lead to a map of key players on the
region. Furthermore, we will be having face contact among each other.

That's why I am so eager to brand this bus with fedora, because it is a
unique opportunity to reach valuable people outside the FOSS community.
People that are opinion leaders on their field, people that are
resourceful and may help us on the future to enrich our events. That is
what I see to be obtained for Fedora, a bridge outside the

There are some FOSS activist as passengers, but there is no endorsement
from any FOSS project, so we will have the spot light for ourselves.

You can read about who are the people working on this project and what
organizations are involved so far on a document that I have shared at:

The project has not raise all the budget needed. They are not making the
sponsorship a blocker for participation of fedora ambassadors that have
been invited.

During the last meeting was said that the budget requested will be split
part on fedora materials to be distributed and part as support of the
tour. If you think that one fedora ambassador will have 12 days of food,
lodging, travel and insurance traveling for 5 countries. The support to
the tour is not that big.

I have updated the FAmSCo ticket # 165

We haven't talked about how to make the money available here. The NGO
can provide proof that the money was received and share the expending
report at the end of the trip.

Paul Frields is traveling to Costa Rica this week and will be talking
with Dialogia people (the organizers). I was expecting to go to Costa
Rica to this activity, but I am swamped on work for the librebus.

I am not sure what else to add, feel free to ask any think that I may be
missing to share.

Best regards.

Linux User # 473217

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