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Mon Feb 7 15:19:31 UTC 2011


This mail would perhaps be somewhat unsolicited. I had an exchange
with Gerard on Twitter and thereafter noticed that a bit of discussion
around my blog post at

If it would be helpful in any way, I'd like to explain a bit more
context on the blog post. Primarily, I'd wish that FAmSCo have a
discourse about how it will measure the success or, failure of the
term of the current FAmSCo. As in, how would you know that you've
collectively made a difference ? Is there a set of markers/points
which are devised and kept track of and, anything below an acceptable
threshold is flagged as "needing attention" ? This is what sets the
context of the first of the "I wish ..." points. I think I've
mentioned on my blog earlier that I see FAmSCo as performing a
fiduciary role which empowers its constituents - the Ambassadors
(note: I am no longer an Ambassador, so, I may or, may not have the
right perspective on this). A part of this role, in my thinking, is a
constant introspection that measures the amount of positive change
that is catalyzed by FAmSCo within The Fedora Project and especially
within the Fedora Ambassadors.

FAmSCo report - I really wish that the publication of this be made
regular and, feedback solicited aggressively. Unless there is
feedback, the understanding about calibration of FAmSCo focus is not
going to come about.

Regions with lesser Ambassadors - I hope that FAmSCo members will take
time and effort to visualize (as in actually take a map and plot the
country of every Ambassador) the constituency so as to enable them to
see the regions where there are not enough or, even single
Ambassadors. Being a single person or, a small group in a dispersed
project, even with not enough access to Internet is a very dangerous
thing to have. With time, the reason for that person or, group to feel
unwanted, unheard and thus become anonymous is absolutely high.
Keeping communication lines open and figuring out ways and means of
taking small steps to build up a presence is an interesting and must
needed exercise. I wish that FAmSCo does its utmost to prevent our
Ambassadors from feeling miserable, from feeling left out of a
conversation and, from feeling that they aren't being relevant in a
world where increasingly enough, access to information and broadband
isn't actually making it 'flat'.

FAQs -> Quizzes - Please note that I wasn't alluding to making RHCx
courses available to Ambassadors at a discounted or, any format. I was
suggesting that the somewhat lengthy nature of the FAQs can always be
a turn off for those who aren't used to reading and assimilating large
chunks of text. Instead, figuring out an ability to do quizzes can
help two things - [1] it can become an activity that Ambassadors might
want to enjoy doing because it provides a quick way to refresh one's
memory (think cue cards and pop quizzes) and, [2] it can also help
Ambassador mentors in coaching the new Ambassadors through the
questions and answers

Event Calendar - I saw a photograph of FUDCon Tempe where the events
were being listed and perhaps discussions around focus was going on.
That can happen in a more transparently cohesive way with a calendar
of events. It would also allow tracking to see which events received
focus and which were pushed back to do_next_year.

Thank you,


ps: It appears that I had sent it to the 'old' FAmSCo list previously.
Silly me !

sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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