[FAmSCo] FAMSCO budget ticket triage

Max Spevack mspevack at fedoraproject.org
Tue Feb 8 21:32:28 UTC 2011

Pierros and I did a triage of all budget-related tickets in the FAMSCO 
trac instance, and cleaned up a ton of stuff.

Everything that is assigned to either Harish or I now has a status mark 
on it that shows whether it is blocking on something, or READY FOR 

My goal is to make sure that once things go to READY FOR PAYMENT, no one 
ever has to wait more than 30 days for their reimbursement.

The current READY FOR PAYMENT items will be processed after my next 
round of expense reports from FUDCon and FOSDEM are filed, since that 
will free up a bunch of funds for me to send out with PayPal.



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