[FAmSCo] Agenda for 2011-1-8 meeting

Igor Pires Soares igorsoares at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 18:16:10 UTC 2011

Em Qui, 2011-01-06 às 08:20 +0200, Pierros Papadeas escreveu:
> Hello all!
> I hope you had nice vacations/x-mas period :) Now let's get back to work! :P
> Our next meeting is scheduled in 2 days (Reminder will follow
> tomorrow) Saturday 8th Jan @ 13:00 UTC
> Agenda for the meeting can be found here [1]
> As promised I kickstarted the Ambassadors SOPs [2] (Standard Operating
> Procedures) based on the already successful Infrastructure SOPs [3]
> and Marketing ones [4]
> Only the categories and appropriate templates are there for now, but
> we can start populating right away.
> The basic idea behind it is to be the hub for all how-to and
> procedures within Ambassadors, such as "How to run a meeting", "How to
> host a Fedora Coffee", "How to set up a booth" etc
> Many of this info is scrambled around our wiki and needs to be
> gathered up and formed as an SOP. Other things are not documented at
> all.
> I strongly believe that the new structure will help us consolidate
> Ambassadors and have firm (yet organic as it is a wiki) structure.
> We of course should retain this as an everyone-can-edit thing and
> request frequent feedback from all Ambassadors.
> Any views/comments on that?

Good idea to follow other projects structures. I agree that we have too
much sparse information on the wiki, so this will help us to better
index our SOPs

> Also, another item we need to discuss (or possibly set a whole meeting
> for this (the 15th Jan one) are the Goal Setting, Board did [5].
> Sometime in the sort future FAmSCo will be asked on its opinion and we
> need to have a stance/comments/views on this.
> Please feel free to comment in this thread, and update our wiki accordingly,

I think that we also need to review the open tickets, some of them still
are assigned to old FAmSCo members and others need a follow up.

Igor Pires Soares
Fedora Ambassador (Brazil) - Member of FAmSCo
Fedora I18N/L10N QA

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