[FAmSCo] [Ambassadors] FUDCon APAC bids

Gerard Braad gbraad at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jul 4 07:47:01 UTC 2011

Hi FAmSCo,

This decision is also not easy for me and I will probably not make a
good case with this email.

2011/7/3 Caius 'kaio' Chance <kaio at fedoraproject.org>:
> Personally, even I am a member of Chinese community, I am hereby supporting
> India for FUDCon 2011. China is just not ready for having a FUDCon this
> year. These are the my reasons:

If this is the case, the FAmSCo decision would be 4 / 2 in favor of India.

> Above reasons justify the great risk that FUDCon will be very likely failed
> if it is held in China this year. In terms of the gap between India and
> China in width and depth

The provided example of Guangzhou is not a good one as nearly nobody
knew about this taking place. This is of course a lesson to learn
from, but this is also the reason why the FUDCon approach was done in
a transparent fashion, announcement in the open, ask for input, etc.
But yes, the amount of involvement has been minimal, but calling it
failed before ever taking place is premature. We have very good
examples of events we have done in Beijing for different projects and
these were successful and a lot more organised/professional in nature
than a FUDCon is.

> 1. Recruits more ambassadors
> 2. Raises technical levels of contributors/users/developers for talks
> 3. Organizes FADs with media, swags, reimbursement processes

These topics are certainly on our agenda and will be dealt with. But
as you know, Chinese generally take the stance of 'Show me so I can
learn from you' and this is something that is also part of your
agenda, Kaio ;-)

> Some of the FZUG members / FAms instead contacted directly to
> Community Architecture Team in RH US headquarter or Singapore office
> for assistance. Now when Beijing office heard about the bid of FUDCon
> 2011 and becomes extremely excited to promote their "exposure" in open
> source community, eagerly offers hands.

This issue has been talked about with both Harish during his trip to
Beijing and with Yu Shao from the Beijing Office. I am trying to
co-ordinate these efforts a little. And yes, this frustrated me a
little as they should also be aware we are acting as go-to people in
APAC for their questions together with Harish Pillay.

Maybe FUDCon should not be held in Beijing this time, but it has
lighten the spirit of the members and raised a lot of interest and
feedback from the community at large. No matter what, we will have a
FAD and aim for another bid option if necessary.



Gerard Braad — 吉拉德
   Regional Mentor for APAC/China, Member of FAmSCo

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