[FAmSCo] [Ambassadors] FUDCon APAC bids

Igor Pires Soares igorsoares at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 15:00:34 UTC 2011

Em Qua, 2011-07-06 às 11:15 +0800, Gerard Braad escreveu:
> The procedure already takes too long. Having to tell possible sponsors
> the process is still ongoing is generally not a good thing for trust.
> The voting had been done during the last meeting. Igor suggests to
> rectify the actual results, as Pierros assumed you would vote for
> China. I do not believe Igor suggests to have another voting round...
> and to be honest, I would urge not to.

Yes, my ideia was just for a rectification, not another voting round.
Anyway, as Rahul pointed out Pierros already announced FAmSCo
recommendation in favor of India with the correct votes, although the
meeting minutes show a tie. Things are pretty clear now.

Igor Pires Soares
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