[FAmSCo] Investigation for spacious fraud in reimbursement in Bangladesh community.

Caius 'kaio' Chance kaio at fedoraproject.org
Fri Mar 11 14:58:22 UTC 2011

Hi team,

As you might have seen the thread on FAm list about Bangladesh community
[1], I would like to bring forth an investigation to a reimbursement [2].
Also, I am wondering if we can improve our fraud detection ability.

The story happened since early this week. When a new granted Fedora
Ambassador, Moniruzzaman Monir (Kalpurush), contacted me for some inquiries
about reimbursement process. He requested funding on swags and media for a
Fedora Lab in his university in Bangladesh. Though Monir told me that he had
been with Bangladesh community for quite a while, I suggested him to
co-organize with Ashiqur Rahman Angel (Angel) as he has organized events
before. I let Monir create a new ticket in FAmSCo trac system and start a
thread on FAm mailing list just to get it moving.

Then the drama had come along. Another Fedora Ambassador, Mahay Alam Khan
(mak), jumped in the thread and started the flame. Later I was contacted by
Monir that Angel wants to tell me more about the situation of Bangladesh
community. According to Angel, there are two communities in Bangladesh: BDOSN
(Bangladesh Open Source Network) and BLUA (Bangladesh Linux Users
Alliance). These two actually working for FOSS and Linux in Bangladesh.

There are more than just two separate groups or "leadership" arguments in
[1]. More history within and groups involved (India Ankur, Ubuntu BD, etc).
I will get Angel and possible other people from BD to summarize that.

Basically the first thing we are looking at is the proof of purchase
documents provided in [2]. Angel told me that:

*"I have tried to find out the location of the shop. And what I found, there
has no such shop named WorldCom Ltd in Bangladesh. I even tried to call on
those two phone number written on the receipt. Both numbers are dead.
Moreover, in Bangladesh, there has no such shop where you can buy CD/DVD and
T-Shirts together. Looks like the receipt is total fraud."*
I am still following up with him for the bigger picture of the community in
Bangladesh and working out in writing. Please keep in mind that all the
responses in the thread may not optimistic as they said. I hope there are
just misunderstandings but let's see.


[2] https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/6

Regards ☺ Caius 'kaio' Chance
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