[FAmSCo] Investigation for spacious fraud in reimbursement in Bangladesh community.

Max Spevack mspevack at fedoraproject.org
Fri Mar 11 19:43:52 UTC 2011

I have a few reactions:

(1) Any accusation of impropriety is a very serious thing, especially in 
a community like Fedora where the only thing that keeps people together 
who in many cases have never met face to face is trust.  This is 
particularly the case here, since I know that I have never met any of 
our contributors in Bangladesh, and I don't know that anyone on FAmSCo 
has either.

Furthermore, all sides of the story need to be heard and listened to, 
and no final decision should be made without careful consideration from 
all of FAmSCo, which might require a private meeting.

*** README *** -- I recommend that the discussion be taken of the email 
list and off of any public IRC, until the matter is resolved, out of 
respect to everyone that is involved in it.

Is this something that Caius is going to continue to be the primary 
point of contact on?

(2) We need to separate out any issues around personality conflicts or 
"leadership" debates from the process by which Fedora contributors are 
reimbursed for expenses that are previously approved.

(3) There is an opportunity here to strengthen our reimbursment 
guidelines and request that in the case of swag being produced, a photo 
be provided along with the receipts.  This is similar to requiring a 
trip report for any travel funding.  I would ask FAMSCo to discuss this.


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