[FAmSCo] Investigation for spacious fraud in reimbursement in Bangladesh community.

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Sat Mar 12 01:31:26 UTC 2011

Hi Max,

Thanks very much for replying.

On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 5:43 AM, Max Spevack <mspevack at fedoraproject.org>wrote:

> I have a few reactions:
> (1) Any accusation of impropriety is a very serious thing, especially in
> a community like Fedora where the only thing that keeps people together
> who in many cases have never met face to face is trust.  This is
> particularly the case here, since I know that I have never met any of
> our contributors in Bangladesh, and I don't know that anyone on FAmSCo
> has either.

+1. I used to be thinking that receipts, photos and report is enough to
prove. I haven't met anyone in BD in person also.

> Furthermore, all sides of the story need to be heard and listened to,
> and no final decision should be made without careful consideration from
> all of FAmSCo, which might require a private meeting.


> *** README *** -- I recommend that the discussion be taken of the email
> list and off of any public IRC, until the matter is resolved, out of
> respect to everyone that is involved in it.

I decided and have let Angel + Monir not respond to that public thread until
we have finalize the case.

> Is this something that Caius is going to continue to be the primary
> point of contact on?
> (2) We need to separate out any issues around personality conflicts or
> "leadership" debates from the process by which Fedora contributors are
> reimbursed for expenses that are previously approved.

+1. At the moment I am only proposing a look on the ticket. About
"leadership" or other debates I will let Angel gather the info and make it
into a writing.

> (3) There is an opportunity here to strengthen our reimbursment
> guidelines and request that in the case of swag being produced, a photo
> be provided along with the receipts.  This is similar to requiring a
> trip report for any travel funding.  I would ask FAMSCo to discuss this.
I like this one.


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