[FAmSCo] March 9 or April 9?

Gerard Braad gbraad at fedoraproject.org
Sun Mar 20 03:09:46 UTC 2011

On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 1:56 AM, Igor Pires Soares <igorsoares at gmail.com> wrote:
> Em Sáb, 2011-03-19 às 09:30 -0700, Larry Cafiero escreveu:
>> Did we mean "April" and not "March" in this item?
>>   * AGREED: We will wait for Raul's reply until the meeting of March > You're right Larry. That's actually April 9th. Our second meeting in
> April.

And to be precise, it is also Rahul.

nitpickers ;-)

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