[FAmSCo] Conduct Violation

Igor Pires Soares igorsoares at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 23:32:45 UTC 2011

Em Ter, 2011-03-29 às 16:53 -0400, Jared K. Smith escreveu:
> For what (little) it's worth, I know that Paul Frields worked with
> Manuel to help him setup his blog to have proper feeds, and then Paul
> wrote up a wiki page[1] showing others how to do the same.  There's
> more conversation after the fact from Paul on Manuel's blog here[2].
> [1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_provide_a_category_specific_feed_using_Blogspot_or_Blogger
> [2] http://xenodesystems.blogspot.com/2011/03/activar-transparencia-y-cambiar-tema-de.html?showComment=1301184526546#c8502196598498565682

His blog does seem correctly aggregated on Planet Fedora.
I'm not seeing the post about Windows on the Fedora category anymore,
what indicates that he corrected it. Regarding the post about Flash
Player I don't see the problem with it, since it contains basically the
same information of our wiki page. It contains a Flash logo, what we
could advise him not to use anymore, but not a huge issue IMHO.

Igor Pires Soares
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