[FAmSCo] Reassignment of Budget Wrangler tasks

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On 22 May 2011 05:37, Igor Pires Soares <igorsoares at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello FAmSCo members and Max,
> we have been discussing how to reassign Larry's tasks and one of our
> priorities is to figure out how to better handle the budget wrangler
> tasks.
> Since most members are already committed to other tasks we are
> considering to divide the budget wranglers tasks to the group. Depending
> of what those tasks are we can use a regional approach to divide them.
> Max, could you give us a better idea of those tasks and how we can
> handle this issue?
> Regards,
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Hi all,

I want to help but I will be in some personal issues in next 4 weeks. Feel
free to reassign tasks that are relatively not urgent to me.

BTW, I have 2 tickets pending to be funded by Harish but still not finished.
I think the bottleneck may be on the turnaround from READY TO PAY to PAID,
which does affect the efficiency in APAC community activities. I understand
he is a busy person but there is something we should look into for a


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