[FAmSCo] [Fedora Infrastructure] #2995: Wiki Update for Ambassadors Membership Verfication fails

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Fri Oct 28 00:27:00 UTC 2011

#2995: Wiki Update for Ambassadors Membership Verfication fails
 Reporter:  jsimon    |        Owner:  sysadmin-members
     Type:  bug       |       Status:  new             
 Priority:  critical  |    Milestone:                  
Component:  General   |      Version:                  
 Severity:  Normal    |   Resolution:                  
 Keywords:            |  
Comment (by robert):

 bapp01 already uses another python-mwclient-0.6.5-1 from a private
 override repository.

 The error that Kevin retrieved by a manual run is:

 This takes loooooong time to execute...
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/local/bin/membership-mwclient.py", line 293, in ?
   File "/usr/local/bin/membership-mwclient.py", line 167, in calc_list
     country = countries[country_code]
 KeyError: 'FX'

 ISO-3166 said historically "FX" is "France, Metropolitan".

 GeoIP-1.4.7 contains "FX", GeoIP-1.4.8 does not. Machine has

 Toshio performs an update within the FAS database to update historical
 "FX" -> "FR".

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