[FAmSCo] SUPERURGENT: New elections (was: New FAmSCo chair)

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 20 09:11:25 UTC 2012

(2nd try, accidentally hit the key combo for sending too early)

Am Donnerstag, den 19.04.2012, 23:17 -0300 schrieb Igor Pires Soares:

> I have followed the discussions on other mailing lists and I'm not sure
> if this is really necessary, but I respect your decision.

Hi Igor,

while stepping down as chair is something different from declaring my
seat open for the election, I felt that some things indeed went wrong in
FAmSCo. I as the chair and the person who drafted the new guidelines
felt I needed to take over responsibility for this. And frankly speaking
I also was a little disappointed by the lack of support from FAmSCo.

>  IMHO the most
> important thing right now is making a reliable and consistent transition
> to the new election guidelines.

+1. Electing a new chair should be easy, but we need to make a way to
make the transition happen NOW. The election announcement is supposed
going out on Tuesday, May 24th and John as the election wrangler wants
to have the details from us by *Sunday, 22nd evening*.

I have outlined the options we have now in the ticket at

Everybody: Please cast your votes and tell us if you are willing to
declare your seat open for election now. This is *really* urgent now!

Kind regards,

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