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Harish Pillay hpillay at redhat.com
Fri Feb 17 07:39:57 UTC 2012

Christoph -

| 3 weeks ago we had a meeting about the budget. You promised to look into
| the numbers and update
| https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Community_Architecture_expenses
| Unfortunately nothing has happened since then. Currently FAmSCo does not
| know how much money we have - if any. Additionally, the new fiscal year
| is about to begin in 2 weeks, but we don't have any info about the 2013
| budget. We cannot any budget decisions atm and this means FAmSCo is not
| operational.
| And then there is the issue of the CLT sponsorship. No updates within
| the last 2 weeks from you either. Both tickets sum up to 2500 EUR, this
| is quite a huge amount of money and the CLT people really need it. CLT
| 2012 is in about 2 weeks.
| I cannot believe nobody is able to figure out what went wrong with the
| payments. Please give us feedback ASAP.

Thanks for the ping.  

Actually, I've been working on chasing down all the expenses that are
paid out by the CommArch cost center and it continues to be challenging.

As of today, Feb 17, the numbers I have for Fedora are as follows:

Item 			 Budget 	  Spend
Premier Fedora Events 	$ 90,000 	$ 49,362
Regional Support 	$ 80,000 	$ 76,385
Discretionary Funds 	$ 15,000 	$ 12,716
			========	========
Total 			$185,000 	$138,463 
			========	========

I've updated https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Community_Architecture_expenses
accordingly. I've updated the FUDcon expenses but if you look at the 
numbers, the Blacksburg amount is way too low.  But that is what I have on 
record. I've not updated the regional section of that page though.

If you look at the Premier spend, it looks like we still have about 40K 
left but I don't think that is accurate - it should be much less. I think 
there are still some expenses that have not been filed or I have not seen
it in the system.  This really annoys me because this makes CommArch look
tardy and not responsive.

I know that there is good rapport between the FAmSCo and Comm Arch and 
I do not want this issue of perceived slowness of budget/expense reporting 
to be an issue. 

Frankly, this is a task that is best done by a finance/accounts person
perhaps on a part-time basis - I don't think the work load necessitates 
a full-timer, yet. There are many little things to keep track of and 
unless one has gone through the cycle twice (ie two quarters), you would 
not see the patterns and workflow.

For FY13, I am sharing tentative budget numbers (waiting for final 
approval hopefully by end of this month or very early March 2012).

Item 		       Proposed Budget
Premier Fedora Events 	   $ 90,000
Regional Support 	   $100,000
Discretionary Funds 	   $ 20,000
Total 			   $200,000

These numbers were arrived at after much negotiation. I am hoping
that they will not be reduced.

Do note that Community Architecture will continue to support Fedora
but we need to be clever on how we do our finances. I have requested
for help from Red Hat Finance to manage this for us - especially
the actual reimbursements by whatever means possible.

On the question of CLT, the 2011 sponsorship of EUR 1,000 had to
be changed to EUR 1,500 and that change has been approved. I did 
ask EMEA Accounts Payable on the status of payment this past Monday 
and have not heard from them yet.  I will ping them again.

For 2012, the sponsorship of EUR 1,000 has also been approved. I
will check on the status of that payment as well.

I hope this helps.

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