[FAmSCo] Famsco meeting logs 2012-11-05

Alejandro PĂ©rez alejandro.perez.torres at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 18:16:08 UTC 2012

Famsco Meeting Log:

Meeting summary
     1. presents (aeperezt, 17:09:39) 
     2. ticket 330 (aeperezt, 17:13:47) 
             a. https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/330 (aeperezt,
             b. AGREED: FAmNA quote for 5,000 multi-live DL dvd's for
                $5,500 is approved (nb, 17:22:15)
     3. ticket 329 (aeperezt, 17:26:42) 
             a. proposal Close ticket #329 with famsco blessing, but
                inform ticket must be filed with premier events budget
                and famsco does not approve. (herlo, 17:30:21)
             b. AGREED: ticket #329 will be closed with famsco blessing,
                and add information to ticket to be filed with premier
                events budget. (herlo, 17:31:14)
     4. ticket 326 (aeperezt, 17:33:08) 
             a. bckurera will follow up #329 from famsco trac (bckurera,
             b. AGREED: $80 per region to reward the organizers of the
                best F18 release party in each region (herlo, 17:47:50)
             c. ACTION: bckurera to update ticket #326 with details
                regarding release parties (herlo, 17:48:51)
             d. ACTION: bckurera to update ticket #329 with information
                to follow up with fedora premier events budget people.
                (herlo, 17:49:25)
     5. famsco ticket #281 (aeperezt, 17:52:01) 
             a. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAMNA_Reimbursement_Guidelines <-- for reference (herlo, 17:55:29)
     6. ticket #302 and #312 FADs requested on famsco trac (herlo,
             a. proposal remove meeting keyword from tickets 302 and 312
                (herlo, 17:58:22)
             b. AGREED: removing 302 and 312 from meeting agenda in the
                future. Likely closing of ticket as well. (herlo,
     7. Open Floor (herlo, 18:02:45)

Meeting ended at 18:10:57 UTC (full logs). 

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