[FAmSCo] Budget situation after Q3

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at redhat.com
Thu Jan 2 17:09:08 UTC 2014

Ruth Suehle píše v Út 17. 12. 2013 v 15:23 -0500:
> > But we have no idea how much NA has spent and how much money in total we
> > have left. Their spending information is not complete and very outdated.
> > We'd like to make sure that we spend as much as we can from our budget,
> > but for that we need to know if there is any money left or even missing
> > in the NA budget.
> Here's what I know of having been spent in Q4 thus far:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FY14_Budget#Q4_.28December_1_-_February_28.2C_2014.29

Hi Ruth,
thank you for the update.
What I don't understand are the differences between quarterly totals and
sums of regional expenses.

Q1: 11,960 vs 10,329
Q2: 94,667 vs 17,121 (here it's because of Flock)
Q3: 22,879 vs 9,109

Where did the money go? What numbers should we use to calculate how much
money we have left out of the $90,000 we were given? 
I'd like to spend every penny we got not to let them cut our budget next
year. I would definitely have ideas how to spend leftover funds. Because
of cuts at the beginning of the year, I had to cut the budget for FOSDEM
2014 to $1250 and I have 9 people asking for sponsorship to help at the
booth and participate in the devroom. With that money, I can't even
cover a hotel for them. 
So we would definitely appreciate if you let us know if there are any
funds above what we projected to spend in Q4.

(btw I still don't find the numbers provided by RH financials reliable.
According to my tracking where I have every single expense backed by a
receipt and know how it was paid, EMEA spent $16,330 in the first three
quarters compared to $8496 provided by RH. It can't be caused just by


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