[FAmSCo] Budget situation after Q3

Ruth Suehle rsuehle at redhat.com
Thu Jan 2 18:08:15 UTC 2014

> What I don't understand are the differences between quarterly totals and
> sums of regional expenses.

Because it takes an inordinate amount of time to do this in addition to the multiple other Red Hat ways I have to track it all, I listed the things you have control over. The difference is things like recurring AWS fees that are wildly variable but not exactly controllable. They've been four-digits lately, so that accounts for most of it alone.

> So we would definitely appreciate if you let us know if there are any
> funds above what we projected to spend in Q4.

Let me know what you need to spend, and so far we've been pretty successful in finding a bit extra here and there. 

> (btw I still don't find the numbers provided by RH financials reliable.

I list everything I spent or reimbursed and things that are on community credit card reports. That's all I know to do. Open to suggestion. But don't freak out over small differences. It all gets taken care of. AFAIK, nobody's ever gotten in trouble for overspending. It's usually that it doesn't all get spent. If you think you're getting too close, just let me know.

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