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Time to say something to it also.

First of all, wow just 3 weeks in the moderation queue :D

Second, I dont think its a good idea, that FAmSCo + (lets call them)
delegates, discuss that thing that are to many cooks and they get no soup
out on the end.

Third, when it comes to the tasks of FOSCo. It must when it shall replace
FAmSCo take over his responsebilities, as I wrote before to say we have
delegated everything down to the regions doesnt work. We have to ensure
that FOSCo can take over this responsebility as well the leading role for
the Ambassadors as well.

and last, we have to make some other decisions according to the Ambassadors
program before we transfer to FOSCo

br gnokii

2016-02-18 2:54 GMT+07:00 Gabriele Trombini <g.trombini at gmail.com>:

> Il giorno mar, 16/02/2016 alle 21.17 -0500, Abdel G. Martínez L. ha
> scritto:
> Totally agree. Schedule a meeting with the key people of sub-projects.
> But, what could be the agenda there?
> I agree as well.
> A draft of the agenda could be:
> 1) choose the groups involved in fosco:
>    - requirements (folks have to be involved in more than one group? e.g.
> me with mktg, commops, amby, actually famsco in order to have less people
> but lots of groups;
> 2) choose the fosco wrangler (one of us who get in touch with groups);
> 3) what fosco are going to do (tasks).
> Could be starting points, aren't they?
> Thanks.
> Gabri
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