pre-Alpha KDE live images for testing

Sebastian Vahl deadbabylon at
Mon Aug 10 14:40:41 UTC 2009


I've created two KDE live images for testing before the Alpha arrives.

The images were created with the latest rawhide from yesterday and some
additional updates from koji to fix some bugs:

- PyKDE4-4.3.0-4.fc12 to get printer configuration in systemsettings
  working again (#516386; inclusion in F12Alpha requested)
- xorg-x11-drv-nouveau-0.0.15-2.20090805git712064e.fc12 to don't crash
  X on nvidia cards (part of todays rawhide)
- kde-settings-4.3-2 to display a wallpaper (inclusion in F12Alpha

If you want to install the images please note that firstboot is broken
and won't start (#515419). So you have to switch to a terminal and add
an user manually.

SHA1SUM: 7fccafb752fcb2a1b31443b1fecd50c92ad02df2

SHA1SUM: b11066eb83806418592bdf5ca99b189edd200e14

I've used my normal naming scheme for the images. If you are interested
in package lists, please have a look at:

Please report all issues you encounter here and/or in bugzilla.


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