Gnome&KDE soup

Orcan Ogetbil oget.fedora at
Sat Jan 24 00:13:12 UTC 2009

This had happened to me once in the past, with two different versions
of KDE (3.4.x) and Gnome (?). But I could never reproduce it.
It just started happening again (3 times in the past week).

There is no obvious action to trigger this event. It can happen while
I am browsing the web or while my computer is idle for a couple hours.

The KDE desktop just vanishes. The panel stays, but the desktop turns
to Gnome. Today something of the strangest happened. Half of the
screen turned to Gnome, the other half remained KDE.
My panels are (and hence the plasma is) still active. The panel on the
left is auto-hiding so it is not visible in the pictures below, but
that one works too when I bring the mouse pointer to the left side of
the screen.
Here are two screenshots:

On this one I took the screenshot while I right-clicked on the Gnome
part of my desktop:

whereas on this one I right-click on the KDE part of the desktop:

I am mainly using KDE and switch to Gnome once every couple months
(just for the fun of it). Currently I have
etc installed.

I am not sure where to report this bug. Is this a Gnome bug or a KDE
bug or is it something else?

This will probably be my candidate for the weirdest Linux bug ever.


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