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There is also a problem that a lot of these drivers are being written
by people who either don't have the sound card it's self or don't have
the specs for how it works. The real problem with many of the drivers
in the kernel (not just audio) at the moment is that they aren't being
developed / maintained by the companies who make the hardware. For
this to scale properly, the hardware vendors really ought to be
maintaining their particular driver however I do believe the majority
of drivers aren't done this way.

On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 7:48 AM, John5342<john5342 at> wrote:
> 2009/6/30 Eli Wapniarski <eli at>:
>> Forgive me but I gotta ask... Are the drivers for the sound card in pulseaudio or the kernel or somewhere else?
> The drivers are in the kernel. The real issue is that a lot of drivers
> simply have bugs. pulseudio pushes the drivers quite hard in various
> ways and it is exposing bugs or deficiencies that weren't seen before
> (in the same way that kde exposed a lot of bugs in graphics drivers
> that weren't really an issue before). pulseaudio isn't without its
> bugs but a lot more bugs are attributed to it than are really
> justified. As for application compatibility it is largely a case of
> applications relying on implementation details of alsa which means
> that when the implementation changes (pulseaudion rather than alsa
> itself) it fails. Certainly applications like skype suffered for this
> reason for a long time.
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