Display corruption in KDE on F11 with intel graphics

Andreas Petzold Andreas.Petzold at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Thu Jul 2 11:15:20 UTC 2009

Hi Anne et al.

> It's odds-on that acceleration method is the key.  Intel and ATi are both
> rapidly developing their drivers to meet the more stringent requirements of
> recent distros.  Kde4 desktops in particular uses parts of the driver not
> stressed in older versions.  On this laptop I have an ATi display.  The
> desktop works best with AccelMode set to EXA, but kuickshow has corrupted
> display in EXA and looks fine with XAA.  It really does seem to be something
> where you just have to experiment.
> You might find http://userbase.kde.org/GPU-Performance helpful

since I've switched AccelMode to XAA on my latop with the old i830  
chipset, I didn't see any graphics corruption. I don't use desktop  
effects on this machine anyway, so I'm not missing out on any bling  
features :-)



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