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Colin J Thomson - G6AVK colin at
Mon Jul 6 21:19:23 UTC 2009

On Monday 06 July 2009 20:43:48 Rex Dieter wrote:
> Rex Dieter wrote:
> > Colin J Thomson - G6AVK wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> I just found out I have a stack of updates waiting but it seems
> >> the notification icon is not working.
> >
> > I too have noticed a distinct lack of update notifications from
> > kpackagekit lately.  boo.
> OK, confirmed that it works... after setting to check hourly(*), was
> notified of the new stuff avaialable.
> (*) it *was* set to check weekly.  don't remember setting it that
> way... ??? but may explain why I hadn't seen anything for awhile. 
> may (or may not) be related to:

Hmm, OK I've noticed the settings changing, at one point it was auto 
install security updates (I always have set it to hourly and *not* to 
auto install) very odd.

Still can't get it to work here, I will check kde-commits as there has 
been some changes to it, Assuming it is a Kpackagekit problem)


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