kde-4.2.96 (kde-4.3 rc2) => kde-redhat/unstable

Gabriel Ramirez gabriello.ramirez at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 07:26:35 UTC 2009

Rex Dieter wrote:
> Subject says it all... pushing to repos now, enjoy.
> -- Rex

I updated to this kde version, and the session crashes at login and 
return to the kdm screen

I tried creating a new home dir, chown it, restore the selinux context of it

And I was able to login to kde, changed the fonts to 7 point ( is a 
netbook) somo others settings, all was fine closed system settings, hmmm 
forgot  to activate the Eye candy so I go to system settings  Desktop to 
activate Desktop Effects  pressed ok and the session closed and returned 
to kdm screen

I will attach the .xsession file with the errors, this file is from the 
   new home dir, so no .kde existed before login, some errors show in it 
but are harmless ( I think because the session opened well) look for the 
second systemsettings and after are the errors before the session crashed.

at the moment this a test machine, so I don't lost nothing. and maybe is 
a user error (me)

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