WANTED: Fedora KDE QA Testers

shaun mallette linuxinprojects at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 03:13:00 UTC 2009

shaun mallette wrote:
> I can start helping in the testing.
> Shaun Mallette
> Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Hi,
>> in KDE SIG, we currently have most of the roles in the packaging 
>> workflow covered:
>> * packagers (several)
>> * triager (tuxbrewr a.k.a. SMParrish)
>> * rel-eng member (rdieter)
>> * live CD maintainer (svahl)
>> etc.
>> but there's an important role missing: testers!
>> Of course, the purpose of this e-mail is not to discourage anybody 
>> wanting to help us in some other area, additional help is always 
>> welcome. However, one or more testers would be really needed, as 
>> currently all of the testing falls either on us developers or on some 
>> users who just quickly test one thing. It would be great to have 
>> dedicated testers, also in light of the new critical path QA which 
>> was recently decided by FESCo.
>> Being a tester has a much lower barrier to entry than most other 
>> forms of contribution, you just need:
>> * some HD space to install test systems to
>>   (ideally, you'd have Rawhide, Fn and Fn-1 on at least one machine 
>> each,
>>    but even just testing one release is helpful)
>>   and
>> * some spare time.
>>   (Of course, we cannot and will not expect you to work full time on 
>> this!
>>    We know unpaid volunteers' time is limited. Several of us KDE SIG
>>    members, me included, are not paid to work on Fedora either.)
>> No programming, drawing, technical writing etc. skills are required.
>> If you sign up, you will be volunteering with the KDE SIG and the QA 
>> project. You will get more directions from the KDE and QA teams, but 
>> basically your tasks will include trying to reproduce bugs, doing 
>> some basic functionality testing of updates (especially critical 
>> ones) to test for regressions, and similar things. While not strictly 
>> required, attending the KDE SIG and QA meetings on IRC would be helpful.
>> If you are interested, please reply to this call for help. (The reply 
>> should be going to the fedora-kde mailing list.) You can also contact 
>> us on #fedora-kde on FreeNode IRC.
>> Note that this is a call for volunteer help, NOT A PAID JOB OFFER!
>>         Kevin Kofler

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