too many settings?

Bill McGonigle bill at
Wed Jul 22 22:54:15 UTC 2009

I'm getting confused among the many different ways to configure some
settings with KDE on Fedora.  I'll illustrate with a specific, but
wonder about the general solution.

For display power management, I have, at least:

  Display (which has no power settings)
  Screen Saver (which has a Display Power Management area)
  System Settings...
    Power Control (with different settings/values)
    Power Management...
      General Settings...
        Let PowerDevil manage screen powersaving (I think this implies
'Edit Profiles' will have precedence, but only a poweruser could
interpret the help to know that, if I even got it right)
      Edit Profiles...
        [Profile name]...
          Screen (which has even different time values)

Volume controls would be another one - I need at least KMix and the
Pulse Audio control panel, which doesn't even show up in my menu.

So, in a situation, how do I figure out what to use?  Is there a general
rule of precedence or do I have to understand the interworkings of the
parts to know what to set?

That aside, do I have my systems installed incorrectly?  If not, is
there an existing effort to refactor redundant/confusing settings GUI's?


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