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rgheck rgheck at
Thu Jul 23 21:28:25 UTC 2009

On 07/23/2009 04:33 PM, Rex Dieter wrote:
> rgheck wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to write a little desktop file that will allow me just to
>> mount newly inserted devices, rather than to open them with Dolphin. I
>> can see roughly how to do this, but have two questions:
>> (i) Is there some local place one can put such files, instead of
>> /usr/share/kde4/apps/solid/actions/? I've tried putting the file in
>> .kde/share/kde4/apps/solid/actions/, but that didn't work, and I also
>> tried .kde/share/apps/solid/actions/.
> I would've expected
> .kde/share/apps/solid/actions/
> to work like the system-provided
> /usr/share/kde4/apps/solid/actions/
OK, I must be doing something worse wrong. Even if I put it into the 
system directory, I don't get a new choice.

I thought maybe I needed to rebuild the sycoca, so I tried running 
"kbuildsyscoca4". That didn't help.

Here's the file, for reference:

[rgheck at rghquad actions]$ pwd
[rgheck at rghquad actions]$ cat mount.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
X-KDE-Solid-Predicate=[ [ StorageVolume.ignored == false AND [ 
StorageVolume.usage == 'FileSystem' OR StorageVolume.usage == 
'Encrypted' ] ] ]

[Desktop Action open]
Exec=gnome-mount -n -h %i


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