Switching display resolution

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Fri Jul 24 11:41:35 UTC 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 23 Jul 2009 23:53:56 Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Martin (KDE) wrote:
>>> the little programm is kalled krandrtray and starts minimzed in the --
>>> tray. At leas with my fedora.
>> Note that krandrtray is still a KDE 3 app, KDE 4.3 will ship a KDE 4
>> equivalent.
> Thanks.  Since I'm running KDE 4.2.96, I think this probably is the KDE 4 
> version?  It seems to come from kdebase-workspace.

I don't think Kevin's right on this one. :)

rpm -q -f /usr/bin/krandrtray


It is most definitely not a kde3 app.

-- Rex

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