Very long login/logout times

Colin J Thomson - G6AVK colin at
Sat Jul 25 09:53:40 UTC 2009

On Thursday 23 July 2009 22:13:39 Colin J Thomson - G6AVK wrote:

> As the Subj says and it has been getting progressively worse during
> the 4.3-rc series, long as in up to ~30 seconds to reach the login
> screen when logging out, starting kde takes a very long time also
> from the initial splash ~ 30-40 seconds.
> Any suggestions how to debug this?

Well.. obviously I was the only one having this problem,

After a *lot* of testing and digging around the culprit was in Plasma, 
the offending file was the plasma-desktop-appletsrc, which had grown to 
over 150k and had a  lot of obsolete "clock" entries.

The new config file with the same desktop layout/settings etc is only 
now about ~7k and all is back to normal now for now..

Time permitting I'll diff the files and try and see what was happening, 
maybe my never ending Theme changes for testing purposes was the culprit 
and the stale entries where not being cleaned out.. who knows.

Oh yeah.. a flawless update to 4.3-RC3 thanks to all involved :)

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