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Sun Jul 26 21:07:22 UTC 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:

> kgpg sees my friend's key, but kmail doesn't.  I just don't understand it.

hi anne,

as you know, i use thunderbird, but do to your subject line, i opened kmail
to see what all it is about with crypto.

i found real quick that i need to do some more installing to get it into

as always, next step for me was 'help' and this is what i found;

Receiving a Public Key
You can receive a public key as an attachment or via http, ftp or a floppy.
Before you can use this key to encrypt a message to the owner of the key,
you should verify the key (check its fingerprint or look for trusted
signatures); then, you can add this key to your public keyring by typing
pgp -ka filename at the command line (if you are using PGP) or by typing
gpg --import filename at the command line (if you are using GnuPG). If the
key is not certified with a trusted signature you cannot use it to encrypt
messages unless you have signed the key with your key.

could it be that even tho kmail ties to keyring, you may need to import it
into kmail and that, according to last line, it needs to be certified?


peace out.



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